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'Not a relationship GOAT': Internet trolls Tom Brady and Irina Shayk over breakup rumors

2023-10-22 18:53
Tom Brady and Irina Shayk, known for their brief yet highly publicized relationship, has prompted social media users to react with memes and humor
'Not a relationship GOAT': Internet trolls Tom Brady and Irina Shayk over breakup rumors

MIAMI, FLORIDA: After four months of dating, Tom Brady and Irina Shayk have reportedly ended their sparkling romance.

TMZ revealed, according to an inside source, that the couple's love had "fizzled out."

"They have eventually "fizzled out" after some time together, with no drama or scandal."

Tom Brady and Irina Shayk have a drama-free split

Their brief romance began in July, and later, the couple was spotted engaging in PDA in Brady's car.

Distance between the two, with Brady in Miami and Shayk in New York, seems to be the villain in their romance.

Shayk is the first relationship since the NFL legend's split with his ex-wife, Brazilian fashion model Gisele Bundchen, in October 2022.

There are rumors about the Russian model getting back together with her ex, actor Bradley Cooper.

Internet trolls Tom Brady and Irina Shayk for calling quits on their brief romance

Social media is filled with trolls and memes over the break-up rumors of the quarterback with the supermodel.

One user compared his legendary football career to his romantic encounter, "Tom Brady knowing he's not a relationship Goat."

A second user tweeted another meme with a similar caption.

Another funny meme goes like this, "I don'd believe in love anymore."

One user said, "Me acting surprised but already this the tom & irina relationship was in a mess."

"Oh really," asked another user.

"Things in my fridge last longer than that," is another funny tweet.

One user shared a funny meme with the caption, "Nobody; Me acting surprised."

A user mocked the couple, saying, "Even my bank account lasts longer than this."

Another user questioned their brief relationship, "Did anyone actually believe it was real?? Total PR to make him look attractive cuz his ex had a bf already."

"Umm, didn't even know they were a thing. Can four months be considered a thing?" tweeted another user.

One user tweeted an image saying, "All a man really needs."

"Celebrities and break up," said a user.

While another one said, "Four months is a no date."

One user questioned if celebrity dating is a marketing strategy, "Do we feel celebrity relationships often seem like promo/marketing deals??"

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