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MrBeast: Want to be part of YouTuber's videos like Hyped Squid Game 2.0 Challenge? Here are 3 requirements

2023-05-29 18:17
MrBeast and his team are on the lookout for fans who are willing to participate in his videos
MrBeast: Want to be part of YouTuber's videos like Hyped Squid Game 2.0 Challenge? Here are 3 requirements

MrBeast, the beloved YouTuber, is embarking on a grand video project that will provide his devoted fans with a remarkable opportunity. With his unwavering dedication to engaging with his community, Jimmy Donaldson has solidified his position as one of the most cherished personalities in the world of online content creation.

MrBeast's upcoming venture comes with some intriguing details. By reaching out to his fan base, the renowned content creator seeks to offer them a unique opportunity for exposure.


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How can you become a part of MrBeast's new project?

Each video crafted by MrBeast showcases a distinctive and unprecedented approach, setting him apart from his counterparts. Behind the scenes, meticulous planning and careful consideration shape these viral videos. However, what may surprise you is that you too have the opportunity to play a role in MrBeast's next video.

Yes, it's true! You have the chance to become a participant in MrBeast's upcoming video. He has extended an invitation on Twitter and Instagram, asking his fans if they would like to be a part of his next creative endeavor, Squid Game 2.0. MrBeast tweeted, "Hey! The MrBeast team has a big video coming up and we need lots of people to compete in it. Preferably people that live in NC that way travel is easier but global people are welcomed as well!"

MrBeast wrote in the same thread, "We’ll also be pulling from this data base in future big videos like squid games! Good luck everyone."

3 requirements to join a MrBeast video

1. Individuals residing in North Carolina are preferred for participation in MrBeast videos due to the presence of MrBeast HQ in that location.

2. MrBeast challenges do not have a specific age limit for entry. However, it is worth noting that certain challenges may stipulate that participants must be 18 to be eligible.

3. Participating in MrBeast's gaming challenges is relatively accessible and involves a few steps. Firstly, interested users should join his Discord server.

However, people from around the world are also encouraged to apply, as the YouTuber and his team are interested in identifying potential participants for their future projects. He has teased the creation of a new Squid Game video, leaving his fans absolutely excited.

Given the high number of applicants anticipated, it is important not to feel discouraged if you do not receive a call from MrBeast's team. The selected participants may have the opportunity to be a part of the next Squid Game video, so it's important to stay optimistic and hopeful. Interested participants must fill up the Google form, the link to which has been provided on the tweet.

'I would be cool in one of your videos'

This new announcement by MrBeast took the internet by storm, as many people reacted to the news. A user wrote, "I would be cool in one of your videos." Another user wrote, "As a MrBeast video and snack enjoyer in Japan, I must go and fight to represent my country." A third wrote, "Omg just thinking about this makes me nervous asf."

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