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MrBeast performs 'insane' car stunts in '$1 to $100,000,000' comparison video, internet dubs it 'ridiculous'

2023-09-18 17:29
MrBeast added another video to his price comparison series as he explored vehicles ranging from a $1 piece of scrap to limited edition supercars
MrBeast performs 'insane' car stunts in '$1 to $100,000,000' comparison video, internet dubs it 'ridiculous'

GREENVILLE, CAROLINA: Jimmy Donaldson, popularly known as MrBeast, showcased an array of distinctive vehicles across various price ranges in his latest YouTube video titled '$1 vs $100,000,000 Car'.

In addition to the video, he took to X, formerly Twitter, to express his astonishment at the experience of driving a flying car and a boat car, stating, "I can't believe we got a flying car, a boat car, and a $100,000,000 car for our new video, lol."

During the video, MrBeast provided insights into the prestigious Ferrari 125 S, the world's first Ferrari, valued at $100,000,000, and highlighted another high-speed powerhouse, the Koenigsegg Vader, sharing the most captivating features of these remarkable vehicles.

MrBeast shares massive selection of cars in a YouTube video

In a recent 16-minute video, the YouTuber showcased a historic vehicle and delved into the specifics of the Ferrari 125 S. Further in the video, MrBeast offered his friend an opportunity to engage in a car race. To add to the excitement, he took to the skies with his friends on board a flying car.

He also performed other stunts such as launching a $1 car off a cliff due to its dilapidated condition and attempting to blow up a $300,000 car which had an explosive proof frame.

"This car is so historic and valuable that this museum representative is the only person on Earth allowed to drive it. It's only allowed to be driven on this bridge," he claimed.

He further explained, "We had cops completely close the roads. We even had street cleaners fill in every pothole and clean the entire street to ensure that there's no chance that we harm this hundred million dollar car." MrBeast said.

As previously mentioned, MrBeast had the chance to test drive a diverse selection of vehicles, each with its own price tag.

One of these was the Koenigsegg Vader, recognized as one of the swiftest and most potent supercars. During the experience, the YouTuber took a moment to highlight some of its most captivating features, stating:

"Costing $10 million, this Koenigsegg Vader is the only one in existence. And, with literal crushed diamonds in the paint, the insurance companies would only let the owner drive it."

MrBeast collaborates with Jay Leno

Later in the video, MrBeast teamed up with the renowned American television host and avid car enthusiast Jay Leno.

Together, they presented Jay Leno's McLaren F1, a car widely acclaimed as one of the most groundbreaking supercars.

Jay Leno went on to elucidate the reasons behind the $20,000,000 price tag on this British vehicle, explaining, "It's a V12 carbon fiber. It's extremely light and it was 241 miles an hour - which is still the fastest for a non-turbocharged, non-supercharged car."

He added, "I'll show you something kind of cool. It's got three seats, as you can see. The car is about 2,300 pounds. Your most modern cars are 4,000 (pounds)."

MrBeast's fans praise him for the latest video

After watching the video of MrBeast roaming around in fancy cars, many fans flocked to the comment section. One fan said, "This is getting so ridiculous, never fails to out due himself."

Another fan wrote, "This is going to break a few interwebs. Well done. Edge of my seat."

A third person said, "This is insane! You’re the best Jimmy!" A person also added, "We love you Mr Beast, just you and your videos are the best, it's worth waiting to have these videos, everything is fantastic."

A fan of his also said, "Mr Beast car content is just amazing. It's rare that people in a good financial position make great car content, let alone collab with other well known creators of the genre. Really grateful to Jimmy and the team for making it happen."

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