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Maserati and falling in love as an adult: Keanu Reeves GF Alexandra Grant gives rare interview

2023-09-24 15:50
After Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves became public with their relationship in 2019, a source claimed that they have been dating for years
Maserati and falling in love as an adult: Keanu Reeves GF Alexandra Grant gives rare interview

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Alexandra Grant, an accomplished artist and career lady who is dating Keanu Reeves, was honored at the Beverly Arts Icon Awards in Los Angeles on Friday, September 22, but she walked the red carpet without her actor boyfriend, 59.

Before going public in 2019, the pair is said to have been close friends. Since then, they've shared several red-carpet appearances, and most recently, they made New Yorkers go wild as they strolled hand in hand.

Grant recently made a rare comment on their relationship, speaking about what it's like to date someone so famous and whether it's harder to walk the red carpet with or without the 'John Wick' star.

Alexandra Grant opens up about her relationship with Keanu Reeves

Alexandra Grant couldn't help but praise her partner, although Keanu Reeves prefers to keep their relationship private. She began by stating that he is "an inspiration to me," adding that the actor is also "creative" and "so kind."

"The good news about falling in love as an adult is that I had built my own career by the time that my relationship had begun," said the artist to PEOPLE Magazine, adding, "I feel very confident in the relationship on the red carpet. I feel confident on it alone."

Grant claimed that the 'John Wick' actor constantly encourages her to push herself further.

Moreover, the couple collaborated on projects since at least 2011, when they began working on the adult picture book 'Ode to Happiness' which features Grant's illustrations and Reeves' text, per Daily Mail.

"What I love about Keanu and our exchange is that we're pushing each other to build new roads," stated Grant while describing her partner, and added, "Seeing the other person's problem-solving is inspiring, like, 'Oh, well, okay, this one, that's a cul-de-sac. How do I try this other thing?'."

Grant described a time when she experienced creative block and how Reeves was able to assist her in getting through it, saying, "In a moment of frustration in my life, I once said, 'Sometimes I feel like a Maserati stuck in traffic', that I have this big engine, but, for a variety of reasons, that I couldn't ever go."

She continued, "He's such an inspiration to me. He's so creative, he's so kind. He works so hard," and clarified that though they both work in different forms of media, at their core, they are both storytellers.

Alexandra Grant calls herself 'a huge Dogstar fan'

Alexandra Grant seems to enjoy Keanu Reeves' side endeavor, his band Dogstar and was understanding when he recently had to cancel their regular Friday night "art date" to perform live.

"To make a film, you require hundreds of people. To be an artist, you don't. You require one. You require a community to get the work into the world, but not to actually make it. I think part of the inspiration is the differences of scale," said Grant.

She added, "I'm really proud, I am a huge Dogstar fan."

"I had the great pleasure of going to their first public show and because I've been listening to the latest album for quite some time, I was one of the only people in the audience who knew all the lyrics," continued the artist.

The duo first met at a dinner gathering in 2009 and even though they didn't initially get romantically involved, Grant and Reeves ended up becoming business partners.

Reeves' 2011 book 'Ode to Happiness' and his 2016 book 'Shadows' both had illustrations by Grant. The duo also shares ownership of the company X Artists Books.

Even though they didn't publicly announce their relationship until 2019, a source claimed that the couple had "been dating for years". They had apparently fallen "head over heels for each other" in love with one another, the insider added.

Furthermore, the 'Speed' actor's girlfriend is as enamored of him as he is with her. When questioned about his last blissful experience in March 2023, Reeves replied to be with his "honey."

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