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Margot Robbie: Barbie soundtrack is perfect!

2023-06-04 17:53
Margot Robbie thinks the soundtrack to 'Barbie' fits "perfectly" with the upcoming film.
Margot Robbie: Barbie soundtrack is perfect!

Margot Robbie thinks the soundtrack to 'Barbie' fits "perfectly" with the upcoming film.

The 32-year-old actress will star as the titular doll opposite Ryan Gosling as Ken in the upcoming movie and now that 'Levitating' hitmaker Dua Lipa - who also has a part in the film - has released 'Dance the Night - has explained that she has "totally nailed it " with the dance record.

She told The Sun on Sunday newspaper's Bizarre column: "There are movies where you hear a song on the soundtrack and just think, ‘Wow, that fits perfectly’. That is what Dua has achieved with 'Dance The Night' – she has totally nailed it."

In the lyrics, Dua sings: “I’ll still keep the party runnin’, not one hair out of place.”

The 'Bombshell' star went on to add that the song will make fans want to "get up and dance" and joked that perhaps she and her co-stars will be out partying to the track following the London premiere. It not only fits the movie perfectly, but when you hear it, you will just want to get up and dance. Maybe after the London premiere, we can have a few drinks and cut a few shapes to it on the dance floor. I am always down for that!"

Earlier this week, Dua's co-writer Mark Ronson explained that the whole prospect of teaming up with her for the film started with a DM and believes the movie will be "incredible."

He said: "[I said to her] I only have the track so far, as they started rehearsals, but I would f****** love it if you would consider co-writing and starring on it. I honestly think the movie’s going to be incredible.”

'Barbie' will be released in cinemas on 21 July 2023.