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Madonna's daughters steal Internet's heart with performance during Celebration Tour

2023-10-15 17:49
During a segment of her London concert, Madonna invited her daughters, Lourdes Leon and Mercy James, to join her on stage
Madonna's daughters steal Internet's heart with performance during Celebration Tour

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM: The "Queen of Pop" Madonna revealed that she doubted if "she'd make it" during her serious health scare as she opened her much-awaited Celebration Tour in London.

Adding a heartwarming touch to the evening, she surprised the crowd by inviting her daughters, Lourdes Leon and Mercy James, to join her on stage, creating a sweet and memorable moment for everyone in attendance.

How many songs are there in Madonna's Celebration Tour setlist?

Madonna embarked on an ambitious Celebration Tour performance featuring a 45-song setlist that spans her remarkable 40-year career at the O2 Arena in Greenwich, London.

Despite the scheduled start time of 8.30 pm, the show commenced about 20 minutes later, with a drag queen entertaining the audience during the delay.

True to her reputation for delivering bold performances, Madonna lived up to expectations, making it one of her most entertaining concerts.

During the event, Madonna's daughter, Mercy, showed off her dance moves, and the "Queen of Pop" and elder sister, Lourdes, showered her with perfect scores.

Mercy, dressed in a striking black and yellow ensemble with black boots, received accolades from her proud mother and sister.

For this particular segment of the concert, Madonna donned a black corset minidress complemented by black gloves and silver heels. Meanwhile, Lourdes sported a black dress along with matching leather boots, creating a coordinated appearance with her mother.

Fans cherish the performance of Madonna's daughters

Fans couldn't contain their excitement as Madonna welcomed her daughters, Lourdes and Mercy, to the stage to showcase their dance moves.

The inclusion of her children on stage served as a tribute to the ballroom community, particularly following the singer's performance of her iconic song 'Vogue'.

Fans took to X (formerly Twitter) to show their appreciation, as one wrote, "Daughters!!!! Her dancing voguing and sitting next to her."

A person said, "THIS IS SO CUTE," as another penned, "still cant recover from both of them giving us str8 10s omg."

Another comment read, "I got so emotional, Queen M," while one more fan said, "IVY and HER THE NEXT GENERATION OF THE POP MUSIC," referring to musicians Jay-Z and Beyonce's daughter.

Madonna addresses the Israel-Hamas conflict

After delivering a heartfelt rendition of her song 'Little Star' in celebration of her daughter Lourdes' 27th birthday on October 14, Madonna took a moment to address the audience regarding the ongoing conflict.

She stated, "We all come from love and it's important to know that right now because there’s a lot of really crazy things happening in the world that are so painful to witness."

"All of us are suffering watching what’s happening in Israel and Palestine. It breaks my heart to see children suffering, teenagers suffering, elderly people suffering. All of it is heart-breaking," added Madonna.

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