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Madison Beer under fire for posting bikini video flaunting body, deletes it later

2023-05-10 13:53
Madison Beer has been posting bikini photos in the past, often facing criticism from haters and trolls
Madison Beer under fire for posting bikini video flaunting body, deletes it later

Madison Beer, a singer-songwriter and TikTok influencer, recently faced criticism from commenters who purported that her video showcasing her bikini body could be triggering to those with body image issues. In response, Beer deleted the video. Despite her immense popularity on social media, with over 18 million followers on TikTok and 36 million on Instagram, Beer has frequently faced backlash from netizens over many issues.

Beer is known for her popular songs, including "BoySh*t" and "Showed Me." However, this has not stopped her from being a target of criticism. Her experience shows that even individuals with large online followings are not immune to criticism and the negative impacts of social media.


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Madison Beer Faces Criticism Over Bikini Video

In a brief clip, Beer can be seen wearing a black bikini that accentuates her toned abs and hourglass shape. However, following negative feedback, it appears that the singer has taken down the video.

One critical comment, in particular, took issue with Beer for promoting an unrealistic body standard to her female audience. According to reports, the commenter wrote, “And this is the reason as to why I and so many other women hate ourselves and our bodies! Madison Beer, do better! I know you are a good person! But you know that you have a lot of young girls comparing themselves to you! I thought you were better and different from this! SMH.” It seems that both Beer's video and the critical comment have since been removed from social media.

Madison Beer's past criticisms

Madison Beer has faced criticism before regarding her appearance. In a video posted in 2020, the singer responded to accusations that she had lied about undergoing plastic surgery by stating that she had only received lip fillers when she was younger. However, accusations of cosmetic procedures have continued to follow her, leading to a heated Twitter exchange in 2021.

Some fans have accused Beer of not being truthful about any plastic surgery she may have received. Nonetheless, it appears that negative comments surrounding Beer's appearance continue to persist, illustrating the difficulty of being a social media star.

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