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Logan Paul announces retirement from boxing after defeating Dillon Danis, shares future plans

2023-11-13 13:50
Logan Paul wants to retire from boxing and become a 'full-time wrestler'
Logan Paul announces retirement from boxing after defeating Dillon Danis, shares future plans

CLEVELAND, OHIO: YouTuber-turned-boxer Logan Paul, also known as 'The Maverick' to his fans, is retiring from boxing after beating Conor McGregor's teammate, Dillon Danis in a fight on October 14 in Manchester.

Paul defeated Danis by disqualification in the Misfits Boxing Prime bill in Manchester, marking his first fight in more than two years. A massive altercation broke out in the ring when Danis, a multiple Brazilian jiu-jitsu world champion, tried to strangle Paul out in the last round. All in all, Danis barely used any punches during the fight.

Is Logan Paul really retiring from boxing?

The co-founder of Prime Hydration, a sports energy drink brand, told 'Fox Business', "I think I’m retired from boxing. I’ve done enough going fully undefeated at 25-0. I’m going to be a wrestler now."

He added, "No more money in boxing, every company is going broke. Full-time wrestler. Beat Rey Mysterio. Fair and square for the US Championship. It feels great. It was a dominant performance. Some frog splashes, some punches, it feels good.”

Only a few weeks before losing his undefeated exhibition match against boxing icon Floyd Mayweather, Paul made his debut in the WWE.

Punch statistics indicate that despite landing 100 fewer punches than Paul, Mayweather outlanded him after eight rounds. However, no winner was declared. Following the exhibition match, Paul signed a multi-event contract with WWE within a year.

Since then, 'The Maverick' has emerged as a rising star in the world of professional wrestling. Last week, during his victory over Mysterio, he received accolades for sparing the legend from falling on his head during an attempted flip off the ropes.

Logan Paul and KSI own Prime Hydration

When Logan defeated fellow YouTuber KSI in 2017, he created waves in the influencer boxing scene. Today, Logan and KSI co-own the successful Prime Energy drink. After a majority tie in their first professional bout, KSI unexpectedly prevailed in their rematch the following year.

KSI even went on to admit that he may also be done with boxing after losing to Tommy Fury at the same event that hosted Paul vs Danis.

“Right now, I feel like I’ve retired. It’s weird. I haven’t trained since the fight. I’ve kind of just enjoyed my life," KSI said about his boxing career while appearing on Paul's Impaulsive podcast.

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