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Lil Wayne sued by ex-bodyguard Carlos Christian after allegedly being threatened by rapper with gun

2023-12-02 19:54
Lil wayne has previously served a prison sentence over gun possession
Lil Wayne sued by ex-bodyguard Carlos Christian after allegedly being threatened by rapper with gun

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Lil Wayne’s former bodyguard Carlos Christian issued a lawsuit against his ex-employer and sued him for assault and battery over an alleged gun threat.

The former staffer told the police that Lil Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr, purportedly brandished a gun and punched him in the ear.

What are the accusations against Lil Wayne?

Per the court documents obtained by TMZ, Christian accused the ‘Annihilate’ rapper of threatening to shoot him with a semiautomatic gun.

The former bodyguard further added in the lawsuit that he took the threat seriously because of Wayne’s history of serving a prison sentence over weapon charges.

In December 2021, Christian called the police and accused Wayne of using an assault rifle on him following an altercation in the ‘Brand New’ singer’s home in Hidden Hills, California.

Christian further said that the verbal dispute escalated to a physical squabble, and Wayne resorted to waving an AR-15 at him.

However, sources close to Weezy denied the allegation and said the singer did not even own a firearm then.

Christian sued Wayne and demanded compensatory and punitive damages for the lost wages and medical expenses incurred by him.

'We are in that suing era'

Internet was divided over the serious allegations against the rapper.

One of the social media users quipped, "Not much of a security guard."

Someone else supported Wayne and said, "Just a wild hunch, peeps, but could ya reckon that's just how Weezy says hello? Messy games!"

Another fan of Wayne chimed in, "Doesn't everyone have a small meltdown now and then? Maybe he was just having a rough day and took it out on the poor bodyguard. Looks like tea spillage rather than true menace, peeps!"

Someone else gave a more neutral view and said, "Wow, that's a real bummer, ain't it? Guns aren't toys, folks! Your man Weezy needs to learn his lessons, me thinks! But hey, everyone loves a redemption arc. Layer up on that popcorn, it's movie time folks."

Another fan observed, "Wait, did he threaten the bodyguard or actually assault him? those are 2 different things."

"We are in that sueing (sic) era," said someone else.

Did Lil Wayne serve a prison sentence?

In 2007, a gun was found from his tour bus in Manhattan in 2007. He was charged with the possession of weapon and served a prison sentence.

While he was sentenced for a one-year sentence at Rikers Island jail, he served only eight months of the sentence, per The New York Times.

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