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'Like father like son': Fans urge Bryan Baeumler to build 'bigger hangar' as he shares video of son Quintyn, 17, flying a plane

2023-06-06 10:51
HGTV star Bryan Beaumler's oldest son, Quintyn, has followed in his father's footsteps and recently took his first flight
'Like father like son': Fans urge Bryan Baeumler to build 'bigger hangar' as he shares video of son Quintyn, 17, flying a plane

WELLINGTON, FLORIDA: Bryan Baeumler's love for flying runs deep, and it seems his passion has extended to the next generation. As an HGTV star and licensed pilot himself, Bryan has passed on his aviation enthusiasm to his children. Their journey toward obtaining their own pilot licenses is well underway, setting the stage for a family of skilled aviators.

Taking to Instagram, Bryan couldn't contain his pride as he shared a glimpse of his eldest son, Quintyn, diligently training in the world of aviation. The post sparked excitement among fans, who couldn't help but envision a future where the entire Baeumler family soars through the skies. With such a promising trajectory, it's no wonder fans playfully speculated that Bryan might soon find himself constructing numerous hangars to accommodate their growing fleet of airborne adventures.

Bryan Baeumler's son Quintyn trains for pilot license

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Bryan offered a captivating glimpse into the aviation training of his sons, Quintyn and Lincoln. The brothers, accompanied by professional commercial pilot Nicole Wellman, showcased their dedication to mastering the skies. Bryan's caption read, "As a Dad, there's nothing quite like watching your firstborn Baby Bird fly away... #FuturePilot @quintynbaeumler with his instructor @heyitsnicolew." The photo captured Bryan, beaming with pride, inside the aircraft, while a short video depicted the seamless takeoff.

Overwhelmed by the touching post, fans couldn't help but express their awe and admiration for the Baeumler family. Many jokingly suggested that the family now needed a larger hangar to accommodate their growing fleet of aircraft, as it appeared that the passion for flying had captured the hearts of Bryan's children as well.

'You might need a bigger hanger!'

Bryan's emotional moment about his 'first born' Lincoln training to obtain his flying license has sparked various playful and enthusiastic comments from fans. One fan humorously remarked, "Thought it was Linc who had the flying itch. Now Q. These kids are getting more and more expensive. You better keep working with HGTV. Lol." Another fan eagerly anticipated the future request, saying, "Just waiting for 'Dad, can I borrow the plane.'" Someone playfully suggested the whole family should pursue pilot licenses, but then realized the challenge of building new hangars for planes, exclaiming, "Oh heck, you're up to that challenge." Another fan expressed excitement, noting, "That is awesome. Just think instead of borrowing the car, it will be 'Can I borrow the plane?'" Several fans praised the Baeumler kids saying, "They are go-getters", while others humorously added, "1 second away from having to wash dad's plane after the lesson." A fan wrote, "Wow. Like father like son." One fan wrote, "Awesome! You might need a bigger hanger! Hey Dad, need to upgrade plane, have to take my horse to Spruce Meadows in Calgary!!!!...Please!!!"

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