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Kai Cenat challenges current Minecraft record holder xQc: 'Gonna beat' him

2023-05-10 15:45
Minecraft speedruns have always been a minor subject in the eSports world
Kai Cenat challenges current Minecraft record holder xQc: 'Gonna beat' him

After breaking Forsen's Minecraft record, Kai Cenat took aim at xQc, and fans are eager to see what comes next. Due to the enthusiasm around the game, Minecraft speed runs have always been a minor subject in the eSports world. In addition to spending endless hours broadcasting, several producers have dedicated their whole life to snatching the top place.

But only a select handful have been successful in making a name for themselves in the neighborhood. Among the most well-known names are Dream, Forsen, xQc, and as of late, even Kai Cenat. Fans have always loved the xQc and Forsen drama, but a new competitor has entered the fray. Kai Cenat himself is the one who sent a message to xQc.


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Kai Cenat challenges xQc in Minecraft

Felix 'xQc' Lengyel has reclaimed the top spot in Minecraft after surpassing Forsen's record. The former had set a record of 18 minutes and 10 seconds, but Felix beat it by one and a half minutes. In a recent speedrun, xQc finished first with a time of 16 minutes, 38 seconds.

And as expected, word of the victory spread quickly among supporters, who cheered the Canadian streamer. They were unaware that another competitor—someone no one anticipated—was preparing for a similar challenge. Kai Cenat, who is currently the top streamer on Twitch, sent a statement.

‘xQc, it won’t be long’

Kai began by disparaging Forsen and pretending not to know who he was. He then swiftly joined one of xQc's videos and started chatting with his buddies about plans for lads' night. He said, “We'll break his record, so let me see what I have to do for the lads' night.” After that, he continued to comment, “Won’t be long. xQc, it won’t be long.”

He insisted that his lads had beaten the previous record of 16 minutes, 38 seconds. After all, he thought the group could easily overtake the top rank in Minecraft. Even Kai asked his followers to wait until the conclusion of guys' night so they could compare the outcomes.

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