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Jimmy Kimmel trolls Ted Cruz saying senator calling him 'pitiful' in new book 'Unwoke' is badge of honor

2023-11-09 21:24
Jimmy Kimmel recently turned his comedic gaze toward Senator Ted Cruz's latest literary endeavor 'Unwoke'
Jimmy Kimmel trolls Ted Cruz saying senator calling him 'pitiful' in new book 'Unwoke' is badge of honor

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Jimmy Kimmel, renowned for his witty humor and sharp commentary, recently addressed Senator Ted Cruz's new book, 'Unwoke', with his signature blend of humor and satire.

Kimmel's comments were both playful and lighthearted, as he engaged in some light-hearted ribbing of the conservative senator and his latest literary effort.

Kimmel introduced Cruz's latest work with a humorous touch, commenting on the peculiar fit of the dust jacket. In his typical comedic fashion, he noted, "King Ted Cruz has a new book; it's called 'Unwoke'. It's, uh, he's, you know, what he's so cool... you can tell it's Ted's book because the dust jacket doesn't quite fit, it won't button in the front."

Jimmy Kimmel's tongue-in-cheek take on Ted Cruz's literary 'journey'

The late-night host couldn't resist poking fun at Cruz's previous literary endeavors, including 'Ted Cruz: A Time for Truth'. Kimmel even made a comical reference to Cruz's changing facial hair, from his clean-shaven look to his bearded appearance, suggesting he'd authored books on beard-growing advice.

Kimmel highlighted some humorous excerpts from Cruz's book, including Cruz's claim that 'The Princess Bride' is his favorite movie, which he has allegedly watched hundreds of times.

Kimmel, with a touch of disbelief, said, "Which is definitely not true. No one's seen anything hundreds of times."

Another excerpt from Cruz's book that Kimmel found amusing was Cruz's critique of late-night television. Cruz's assertion that late-night TV is "virtually unwatchable" due to "angry leftists" criticizing Donald Trump, drew a light-hearted response from Kimmel.

He humorously remarked, "Well, all I'll say is it's an honor to be called pitiful by a man who abandoned his dog in an ice storm to go to Mexico. But congrats, Ted."

Kimmel concluded with a playful nod to the challenge of writing a book, especially with humor, saying, "And seriously, I do want to say, you know, writing a book like this is a huge accomplishment, especially for him. You know it's very difficult to type with hooves if you know anything about me."

Ted Cruz responds to Jimmy Kimmel's book banter on Twitter

In a lighthearted Twitter response, Ted Cruz acknowledged Jimmy Kimmel's mention on his show, writing, "Really appreciate @JimmyKimmelLive urging folks to buy my new book! But Jimmy, you forgot the link!"

Netizens calls Jimmy Kimmel 'great PR' for 'Unwoke'

The recent banter between Jimmy Kimmel and Ted Cruz has not only entertained viewers but also sparked a discussion online, where netizens have chimed in on the humorous exchange.

Some have playfully referred to Jimmy Kimmel as "great PR" for Ted Cruz, highlighting the attention brought to the senator's new book.

One user wrote, "I'm sure he appreciates the free PR for his book..."

One replied, "Great PR for Cruz."

Another wrote, "Thanks Jimmy!! I just bought a copy !!"

"Buy the book! God bless Ted Cruz," one wrote.

Another wrote, "Great publicity for @tedcruz."

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