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IShowSpeed fans thrilled as he and Mark Rober explode 1000 ping pong balls in bizarre experiment

2023-10-30 13:19
IShowSpeed collaborated with Mark Rober in his recent video where he exploded 1000 ping pong balls
IShowSpeed fans thrilled as he and Mark Rober explode 1000 ping pong balls in bizarre experiment

CINCINNATI, OHIO: The online community really appreciates IShowSpeed and his unending passion for experimentation.

The popular streamer delighted his audience with a collaboration with Mark Rober after pursuing his crazy ideas.

Popular YouTuber and engineer Mark Rober is well-known for including some amazing science experiments in his videos.

Nobody was more suitable to collaborate with on the grand showdown of absurd ideas. In his latest video, Speed decided to explode some ping-pong balls through the air.

IShowSpeed and Mark Rober's collab

IShowSpeed faced a formidable task, this time under the tutelage of Mark Rober's expertise. The two attempted a huge explosion with more than a thousand ping-pong balls in a cooperative stream, and it was an enjoyable blast.

Just after they carried out the last stage of the experiment, Mark Rober can be seen telling Speed to stay a safe distance away from the explosion.

IShowSpeed, the adventure seeker, makes an effort to be as near to the source as possible throughout the countdown.

The streamer most likely wanted to be as near to the response as possible. Speed was undoubtedly pleased with the outcome.

Internet reacts to IShowSpeed's video

Fans chimed in with their comments on IShowSpeed's viral video. A fan wrote, "It’s hilarious how Mark is such a family-friendly YouTuber and Speed is screaming the F word every 5 minutes lmao."

Another fan said, "This is the most random combination of creators to see, but it’s so great at the same time" while one commented, "He really didn’t want to back up, how can I get a famous clip if I don’t hurt myself."

A fan also mentioned, "I need more people like this."

IShowSpeed takes a hit on the face

Not much science was involved in another amusing trick that Speed and Mark Rober pulled off. It was an odd instance of him dissecting his own words in a potentially dangerous situation.

In order to see how it looked in slow motion, the YouTuber suffered a blow to the face.

The fans were laughing more at his face appearing in slow motion than at the actual video itself. "How does my face do that?"

Speed exclaimed, unable to stop staring at the slow-motion loop and attempting to mimic the expressions in real time.

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