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IShowSpeed faces mockery during India visit, Internet calls it 'cringe'

2023-10-20 20:22
IShowSpeed has been causing a stir on various social media platforms since his arrival in India
IShowSpeed faces mockery during India visit, Internet calls it 'cringe'

MUMBAI, INDIA: Darren Watkins, known as IShowSpeed, has been causing a stir on various social media platforms since his arrival in India. He's been actively collaborating with well-known influencers and celebrities in the region.

A recent incident stirred up controversy as Speed claimed to have been bitten by a snake while engaging with his 21 million followers. It's important to note that the snake didn't genuinely bite him; it was all part of their interaction.

These incidents and headlines have resulted in Speed being subjected to some mockery in India. In a video, unidentified individuals can be observed repeatedly calling out to the YouTuber and imitating his distinctive actions.

This led some of Speed's fans to express their frustration and describe the situation as cringe-worthy.

'India is now mocking IShowSpeed'

Following IShowSpeed's recent surge in popularity on various social media platforms, a troll recently uploaded a video on TikTok.

This video was subsequently shared by the Twitter account @dramaalert, accompanied by a caption that read, "India is now mocking IShowSpeed for being in the country."

In the video, two individuals are seen in a car, and the video is labeled with an Indian flag and the words "Speed in." The unidentified individuals proceeded to imitate IShowSpeed by mimicking his signature vocal expression, often referred to as "barking," while laughing continuously.

Significantly, the TikTok video featured the caption, "Finally met @ishowspeed." This implied that the person was humorously insinuating that they had encountered IShowSpeed by randomly targeting individuals they encountered during their car ride.

Upon singling out one individual, they continuously chanted, "Speed Speed Speed Speed." Once the person acknowledged them, the video came to an end.

This incident exemplifies how trolls and jesters are playfully interacting with random individuals as a way to target IShowSpeed, leading some of the YouTuber's followers to describe it as "cringe."

Internet reacts to IShowSpeed's mocking video

After watching the video of the people mocking IShowSpeed's unique talents, many fans shared their perspectives. One fan claimed, "Ohh I love western media! One guy mocking is basically 'India is now mocking speed.' So speed (sic) trolling Indians by saying tunak tunak must be the whole usa mocking us then."

Another fan wrote, "Common 7/11 workers and phone scams."

A fan stated, "nah (sic)making the monkey noises is wild." One more user said, "cringe."

Another user said, "we just gonna ignore the wholesome fans who were there to meet him when he was there live."

While one user wrote, "Bro there saying look we found speed they aren't mocking him."

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