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Is The View's Ana Navarro a Democrat? Internet questions her loyalty to GOP after she retweets POTUS' campaign ad

2023-07-20 10:24
Ana Navarro called Joe Biden's campaign ad 'brilliant' as she reshared it on social media
Is The View's Ana Navarro a Democrat? Internet questions her loyalty to GOP after she retweets POTUS' campaign ad

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Joe Biden shocked the internet with his new campaign ad ahead of the presidential race on July 19, 2023. His team took extracts of Marjorie Taylor Greene's speech against POTUS and turned it in his favor. Democrats have taken over social media to share this new campaign ad, and ‘The View’ co-host Ana Navarro has joined the mix too.

In the past, Navarro has opened up about being a Republican and why it is important to her. However, she hasn’t sung the same tune in the last few months. The internet had begun to question her loyalty to the GOP and that has only increased further as she mentioned Biden’s video on her social media platforms.

‘I’m so here for it’

It didn’t take Navarro long to retweet Biden’s campaign video as she wrote, “Epic level shade. I’m so here for it. Brilliant.” According to Decider, in 2022, ‘The View’ co-host Sunny Hostin questioned Navarro on why a Latina woman who left Nicaragua considered herself a part of the Republican party. To this, Navarro reportedly responded by saying, “When I came to this country, the Republican Party was the party that stood up against communism and that is something that’s ingrained in me.” This conversation between Hostin and Navarro took place almost a year ago, and there seems to have been a slight political shift since then. While Navarro hasn’t outright denounced her support to GOP or accepted being a Democrat, the internet has begun asking questions about it.

‘Fake Republican’

The internet responded to Navarro’s retweet to POTUS with some confusion and anger, as one person labeled ‘The View’ co-host a “fake Republican” in their tweet, stating, “Says the fake Republican!” People questioned Navarro’s support to the GOP as they wrote, “@ananavarro I thought you were a Republican. What happened?” while some even sarcastically thank her, “Thank you for supporting the Republicans.”

Some people also felt sorry for Navarro as they claimed that she is “confused,” commenting, “I feel sorry for you because you are so confused.” Another user wrote, “I could die happy if you’d switch parties.” Ultimately people who follow ‘The View’, Navarro or even the GOP race are convinced that Navarro isn’t a Republican anymore, as one user also said, “Big government is not the win you think it is. That is what she is talking about. If you were a Republican you would know better.” As of today, Navarro hasn’t announced a switch in political loyalty, but if it were to happen, she would probably announce it on social media.