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Is 'RHOA' getting a reboot? Long-running Bravo series to get complete makeover after disastrous Season 14

2023-08-29 13:46
To find new girls, production has been covertly contacting managers and agencies
Is 'RHOA' getting a reboot? Long-running Bravo series to get complete makeover after disastrous Season 14

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' is almost certainly receiving a total makeover.

According to sources who spoke exclusively to, the decision to recast the whole show was taken at some point during the Season 15 reunion's filming.

According to a source close to production, Bravo is overjoyed with the response to the freshly resurrected 'The Real Housewives of New York', thus they totally support the production's choice to recast 'RHOA'.

The network is especially excited about the new seasons of 'The Real Housewives of Potomac' and 'Married to Medicine'.

The search for fresh new peaches has already begun. According to the site, production has been secretly reaching out to managers and agents in search of fresh ladies.

There's no desire to bring back any previous faces, like Porsha Guobadia and Kim Zolciak.

While producers are searching for all-new peaches, "one or two" peaches may remain around as pals, similar to the updated 'The Real Housewives of Miami' — it all depends on how casting goes.

It's probable that 'RHOA' may take a little pause to allow them more time to perfect the casting.

Both Bravo and production are concerned about fan criticism that this season of the program has been the 'worst' in a long time, if not ever.

According to production sources, some of the latter episodes were re-edited to produce an interesting program rather than to favor any one cast member.

Reacting to the news, fans on Instagram wrote, "Fire everyone on production. Especially the team who decided to cut Kenya’s story line. Give them the boot."

Another person chimed in, "They need a production reboot. What good are “fresh” peaches if they’re just gonna overproduce them with stale and tired storylines and conflicts." Others claimed, "It’s productions fault!"

A fourth user commented, "Production need to reboot themselves... wth."

Carlos King completed his interview with 'RHOA' actress Kenya Moore last week. Carlos and Kenya explored the improvements needed to revitalize the 'RHOA' franchise in part two of their conversation.

According to Kenya, 'RHOA' needs a big casting overhaul as the program enters Season 16. She is quick to point out, however, that she does not feel the Atlanta Housewives series needs a major makeover, like 'RHONY' just did.

"You gotta do some serious casting changes for sure. I don’t think the answer is a reboot. I know they’ve been tossing that around," Kenya remarked on Carlos' podcast Reality With the King.

She also cautioned fans to be careful what they ask for in terms of a reboot, pointing out that for years, they pleaded for Marlo Hampton to be made a full-time Housewife, which did nothing to benefit the series.

"You know, you hear the fans or whatever tossing that kind of stuff around. Be careful what you ask for. Be careful what you ask for because y’all, the same people that asked for Marlow to have a peach, and look where we are now. Be very careful. Be very careful," she advised.

Is 'RHOA' coming back for Season 16?

Bravo has yet to set a release date for 'RHOA' Season 16. 'RHOA' Season 16 is projected to return in 2024, based on the previous season's release schedule.

Since Season 15's conclusion episode, people have been waiting for the official announcement of the new season.

'RHOA' Season 16 is slated to be full of drama, glamour, and larger-than-life personalities as the program continues to captivate audiences.

There will be plenty of interpersonal conflict, altering family relationships, and new love in the next episodes.

Andy Cohen considering ‘rebooting other franchises’ following ‘RHONY’ premiere

After the popularity of the 'RHONY' remake, Andy Cohen hinted that he could be open to bringing back other 'Real Housewives' series in some manner.

"Now that ‘RHONY’ has had such positive feedback, are you thinking about rebooting other franchises?" On the new social networking app Threads, a fan asked Andy a question.

The executive producer of 'Real Housewives' just answered with a pondering face emoji.

Andy's straightforward response was quickly taken up by many Bravo fan accounts, where fans filled the comments with recommendations for businesses in need of a makeover.

When will 'RHOA' Season 15 reunion air?

Part one of the 'RHOA' Season 15 reunion will air on Bravo on September 3, 2023, at 8 pm ET. Meanwhile, part two of the dramatic Atlanta reunion will air simultaneously on September 10th.