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Is Pokimane OK? Twitch queen decides to 'take some time away' from streaming, fans offer 'deepest condolences'

2023-08-14 22:47
Here is why Pokimane canceled her scheduled stream
Is Pokimane OK? Twitch queen decides to 'take some time away' from streaming, fans offer 'deepest condolences'

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Imane Anys, widely recognized by her online moniker Pokimane, has garnered an impressive following of over 9 million on Twitter.

She has carved a prominent presence through diverse content creation such as videos, vlogs, and competitive esports, often collaborating with fellow streamers.

Despite her social media fame, Anys also holds a strong bond with her family. In her recent tweet, she revealed the unfortunate death of a family member and expressed her decision to temporarily step away from her streaming commitments.

Upon learning about the death of her beloved family member, an outpouring of support emerged from her devoted fan base. Many extended their heartfelt condolences, offering virtual hugs, prayers, and well-wishes for both Anys and her family.

Concerned fans have expressed their anxieties regarding her well-being, and are eagerly awaiting updates.

Is Pokimane OK?

Pokimane's most recent Twitter update unveiled a poignant truth: her cherished grandfather has passed away, prompting her to temporarily suspend her streaming activities.

She announced a hiatus to navigate the emotions surrounding her loss. Fans, eagerly anticipating her next stream, disappointingly woke up to the news that it had been canceled.

Pokimane has not disclosed the cause of her grandfather's death. But the significant loss has left the streamer in a challenging position, prompting her to pause and reflect.

She acknowledged her emotional state as "unsure" and communicated her decision to halt her usual routine in order to grapple with her emotions.

Her tweet conveyed her sentiments, "canceling today’s stream because i found out my grandpa passed away. really sad & unsure how to process this so i’m just gonna take some time away. take care & see u soon~”

She comforted her fans with the "see u soon" sign-off but gave no indication about how long her hiatus is going to be. So stay tuned for further updates from the Twitch queen ‘Pokimane’

Pokimane receives 'deepest condolences' on Twitter

After reading Pokimane's tweet, fans flocked to the comment section and comforted her.

One fan said, "my condolences I am so sorry for your loss please take all the time you need." Another fan said, "I’m so sorry poki :( Please take as much time as you need sending you all my love."

The third user said, "Sorry for your loss poki, my condolences, take care, much love to you and your family"

The fourth user wrote, "Family always comes first! My deepest condolences, I hope you can take care of yourself and take comfort in friends and family to help you heal."

The fifth user wrote, "So sorry for your loss. Hugs"