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Is Michael Strahan moving to the fashion industry? ’GMA' star unveils clothing line amid absence from show

2023-08-11 12:52
Michael Strahan modeled for his new apparel line and posted some snaps for his fans to admire
Is Michael Strahan moving to the fashion industry? ’GMA' star unveils clothing line amid absence from show

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: ‘Good Morning America’ host Michael Strahan is trying his luck at a new project that takes him into the realm of fashion.

After launching a men's body care collection, the 51-year-old unveiled a new affordable clothing line for everyone in an Instagram post. The former NFL star modeled for the brand, flashing a big smile as he wore a navy blue collared suit.

This post comes amidst another string of long absences from ‘GMA.’ Michael was last seen on the show on August 4 and only returned for a brief period on August 9 to host a special Hip Hop segment.

His continued absence has raised suspicions that the ex-NFL star may soon leave the 'GMA' studio. However, it remains to be seen whether Michael will dare to take the step or not.

What is Michael Strahan’s new clothing venture?

The ‘Good Morning America' star unveiled his new business venture amid his long hiatus from the show.

The new business project is an affordable clothing line called ‘Collection by Michael Strahan’ and will be available online and in stores at JC Penney.

The ‘GMA’ host even modeled for his new project and posted some snaps for his fans to admire. One of the snaps shows Michael in a dark navy blue suit, while other snaps show Michael in a red loose-fitting informal shirt under his suit jacket.

The other snaps show him wearing a pink and white button-down shirt and a red tie with his suit.

Michael captioned the post, "Endless options to #RaiseYourGame in your favorite navy suit. Find Collection by Michael Strahan™ in-stores and online at @jcpenney. #suitstyle #menstyle #jcpenney #menstyleguide”

This is another of Michael’s adventurous gigs, where he may not be working in the ‘GMA’ studio for a while. A wellness brand, a clothing line, an appearance as host of ‘The $100,00 Pyramid’ - all could combine to interfere with Michael’s duties at ‘GMA.’

Michael Strahan’s other business ventures

When Michael is not on 'GMA,' he’s busy promoting his other businesses. From social media posts to his men's body care brand to his clothing line, Michael does his best to juggle multiple roles.

His company SMAC Entertainment has recently produced an HBO documentary ‘BS High’ which the former NFL star even promoted on ‘GMA.’ Michael was also recently seen gunning for the job of an F1 driver when he attended the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Earlier this year in January, he divulged on social media and ‘GMA’ that the series he recently produced, The Cupcake Guys, was streaming on the Roku channel.

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