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Is Matt Walsh OK? 'Veep' actor speculated to quit 'DWTS' Season 32 amid WGA and SAG-AFTRA strike

2023-09-20 13:49
'Veep' actor Matt Walsh hopes SAG-AFTRA and WGA strike will 'get resolved'
Is Matt Walsh OK? 'Veep' actor speculated to quit 'DWTS' Season 32 amid WGA and SAG-AFTRA strike

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: 'Veep' actor Matt Walsh is doing fine but the actor is speculated to be in a dilemma when it comes to his acting world. The actor is speculated to quit 'Dancing with the Stars' Season 32 ahead of the release.

Matt, who is a member of SAG (Special Action Group) and WGA (Writer's Guild of America) has allegedly been stuck between the choice of appearing in the reality show and supporting the WGA strike.

As the cast of 'DWTS' Season 32 was announced, a user took to the Reddit thread to share his thoughts. Making speculation about the future, the user started a thread with title, "Prediction: Matt Walsh is going to drop out in solidarity with the WGA."

The user further explained, "To my surprise DWTS falls under WGA contract and is therefore “struck” under the current WGA strike. Matt Walsh (a former teacher of mine, actually) is a member of SAG and the WGA. Though he is not writing for the show, he’s still a member of the union and I bet he’s going to bail. Honestly any of the stars could use union solidarity as a reason to bounce, but I think Matt is the most likely one of them to do so. Union strong!"

One of the user shared the tweet on Reddit, "One of the stars, @mrmattwalsh, who is one of my idols, is in a really tough bind. He's a WGA writer too. So he must cross our picket line as a member to go to work. Again he probably doesn't even know that! Most people think reality shows aren't WGA, but #DWTSisWGA."

The Reddit user titled the thread, "Oh wow.. do y'all think he could drop out? I'd feel back for Koko, even if he probably wont make it far on the show she seems to be having a lot of fun with him."

Tony Hale sends best wishes to Matt Walsh ahead of 'DWTS' Season 32's release

'Good Morning America' published Tony Hale's message as he wished best luck to Matt ahead of 'DWTS' Season 32's release.

He said in the video, "Mr. Walsh, we are so excited for you, man. So excited." He added, "We can not wait to see your moves. We don't know why you haven't shown them to us before, but we're ready to be surprised."

Tony ended the video saying, "Have an absolute blast, man. We're all going to be rooting for you. OK. Good luck. Bye."

Matt Walsh is 'hopeful' and feels Writers Guild of America strike will get resolved

Matt along with other actors discussed their thoughts on WGA and SAG strikes. AV Club reports 'Veep' actor saying, "I hope they figure it out."

Matt further claims, "But there's a lot of issues that in a shifting landscape, in the platforms, and artificial intelligence. There needs to be some carve-outs for actors so we can survive."

Indeed, it seems that Matt is supporting WGA and SAG strikes. He claims, "There's real conversations that have to happen, but I, I'm hopeful that it gets resolved."

'DWTS' Season 32 makes major schedule change as it follows SAG-AFTRA rules

'DWTS' Season 32 is keeping it's premiere date unchanged. The new season will premiere on Tuesday. However, it's the first time that the show will be airing on Tuesdays as it typically did on Mondays.

The Sun reports 'DWTS' "will be working in compliance with SAG-AFTRA rules, and a key focus is not to put talent in a tough spot, given that many Season 32 cast members are part of the actors’ guild."

It is reported that a large staff of the show will not be out of work. The main focus of the show is to "keep 500 people employed."

'DWTS' Season 32 will premiere on Tuesday, September 26 at 8/7c on ABC.

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