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Is Kelsea Ballerini okay? Singer halts performance after she's struck by bracelet thrown by fan

2023-06-29 15:46
Kelsea Ballerini's incident comes after Bebe Rexha was struck in the face by a cellphone during performance
Is Kelsea Ballerini okay? Singer halts performance after she's struck by bracelet thrown by fan

BOISE, IDAHO: In yet another unfortunate incident of fan behavior turning sour, Kelsea Ballerini had to abruptly halt her concert in Boise, Idaho, after being struck in the face by an object thrown by an audience member. The incident occurred during her performance at Outlaw Field at the Idaho Botanical Garden.

Multiple concertgoers recorded and shared the moment online, speculating that Ballerini was hit in the eye by what appeared to be a bracelet. The official fan account for Ballerini expressed disappointment and urged fans to refrain from throwing objects on stage, as this has been a persistent concern for musicians, and the frequency of artist injuries in such incidents has recently been on the rise.

‘Please make it stop’

A fan Twitter account wrote, "Guys. I know we all mean well. We all want to show Kelsea love the best way we know how, and shower her with all the gifts," the fan account wrote. "But throwing things on stage where artists are already so vulnerable is NOT the move."

"If you can’t hand it to her, there are so many other options. Lord, give it to us! We will make sure it gets to her," the caption continued. "But PLEASE don’t put her in danger like this. Again, I know you all mean well, but this is becoming a safety issue. We love you guys. We do. But please make it stop".

The current status of the concertgoer who threw the object and the extent of Ballerini's injuries remain unclear. However, the fan account later confirmed that 'she back on stage and okay'. The account also emphasized that such actions were the reason why water bottle caps were not allowed during performances.

Artists are in performance-danger

This incident adds to a series of perilous fan interactions that have occurred at concerts in recent times. Just earlier this month, Bebe Rexha was performing at Pier 17's The Rooftop in Lower Manhattan when she was struck in the face by a cellphone, requiring immediate medical attention. She shared an update on her injuries on Instagram, assuring fans that she was doing fine despite a swollen, black-and-blue eye and a cut below her eyebrow. The individual who threw the phone was arrested and charged with assault.

Shortly thereafter, during a performance in Los Angeles, pop star Ava Max was slapped by an unidentified man who rushed the stage. In another incident, Pink was left stunned and disturbed when a fan threw a bag containing her late mother's ashes onto the stage during her concert at London's Hyde Park. These incidents underscore the urgent need for fans to show respect and consideration towards artists during live performances, as their actions can have serious consequences.

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