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Is Jonathan Goodwin OK? 'AGT: Extreme' contestant sues NBC after near-fatal stunt left him seriously injured

2023-10-13 09:22
'AGT: Extreme' contestant Jonathan Goodwin is still in wheelchair recovering from 2 years ago injury
Is Jonathan Goodwin OK? 'AGT: Extreme' contestant sues NBC after near-fatal stunt left him seriously injured

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: 'America's Got Talent: Extreme' contestant Jonathan Goodwin was left hanging in the air after a stunt mishap happened during the rehearsal.

The daredevil contestant was severely injured during the incident. He dislocated his spinal cord, lost his left kidney, fractured his legs, ribs, and shoulders, and even suffered 3rd-degree burns.

According to TMZ, the stunt performer claimed to have been "catastrophically injured" during his October 2021 rehearsal round of the show.

The incident happened when he was performing a stunt with 2 cars suspended in the air.

The cars were tied 20 feet above the ground. After they exploded, there was an abrupt landing, leaving Jonathan severely injured.

The incident took place 2 years ago, and Jonathan is now left in a wheelchair.

According to the reports, Jonathan filed a new lawsuit against the show and NBC, accusing the producers of "upping the ante on stunts."

He detailed the lack of safety, claiming that the crew members focussed more on dangerous, eye-catching, and TRP-increasing stunts rather than safety.

He went on to slam the show for "controlling, designing, and interfering" with the safety.

Moreover, the performer claimed that a test dummy who was to test the stunt before the actual performance by the contestant refused to attempt it.

Jonathan Goodwin ended up in wheelchair after tragic accident on 'AGT: Extreme'

Jonathan no longer performs stunts. He was left in a wheelchair after the stunt mishap on NBC show. As per his social media, Jonathan is still using a wheelchair after he was left paralyzed in 2021.

Jonathan's attorney Stuart Fraenkel said to The Messenger, "Jonathan will be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life because there were inadequate safety practices, protocols and procedures in place to protect him."

He went on to slam the entertainment industry for lacking safety.

In October, 2022 Jonathan gave an update about his health while uploading a hospital selfie, saying, "A year ago today (oct 14th) I had an accident which resulted in very severe and permanently life changing injuries."

He added, "A year on the cause of the accident has yet to be determined although I know I did everything I was supposed to do. I’m sure at some point we will find an answer. In the meantime do me a favor, hug those people who you love today. Hold them close and tell them how much they mean to you."

Who is 'AGT: Extreme' contestant Jonathan Goodwin's wife Amanda Abbington?

Jonathan is married to actress Amanda Abbington. Amanda is also one of the contestants of BBC's 'Strictly Come Dancing.'

Supporting his wife, Jonathan uploaded a photo of Amanda performing Salsa at BBC's show with caption, "Well week 2 of @bbcstrictly was just extraordinary. It’s so much fun to be there supporting the love of my life. @amanda_abbington74 is just the nicest, kindest and quite honestly the best person I’ve ever met."

He further added, " I’m so very lucky. What a dance. Literally didn’t breathe from start to finish. Haven’t properly started breathing yet 15 hours later."

Jonathan and Amanda connected with each other over Twitter in 2012.

Does NBC pay to 'AGT: Extreme's injured contestants?

According to Good Housekeeping, the expenses of the contestants on 'AGT: Extreme' are covered. Since most contestants come a long way for the filming, everything from food to living are therefore handled by the productions.

However, the contestants are not paid for the show. Since they are vying for $1M prize money, there's no salary for appearing in the show.

It is not yet confirmed whether NBC pays the injured contestants' bills.

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