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Is Jon Stewart's 'The Problem' canceled? Apple TV+ removes talk show from lineup after 2 seasons

2023-10-20 18:47
The show was cancelled due to the creative difference between Stewart and Apple, which reportedly involved the show's coverage of AI and China
Is Jon Stewart's 'The Problem' canceled? Apple TV+ removes talk show from lineup after 2 seasons

CHELSEA STUDIOS, NEW YORK CITY: Jon Stewart's latest talk show podcast has met an unexpected end, leading to its departure from Apple TV+.

The 60-year-old comedian, renowned for his previous role as the host of 'The Daily Show', recently made a return for another series.

Why did Apple cancel 'The Problem' with Jon Stewart?

Originally planned as an eight-episode season, the New York Times reports that creative differences between Jon and the technology giant led to the abrupt decision.

His inclination towards discussing subjects related to China and artificial intelligence did not align with the preferences of Apple executives, leading to the cancellation of the show.

The podcast, titled 'The Problem', faced cancellation even before the commencement of its third season.

Jon Stewart reportedly conveyed to his team that Apple was dissatisfied with some of the proposed topics. As of now, Apple has not issued an official statement regarding the termination of the podcast.

As per Variety, 'The Problem' was Stewart's inaugural television venture post his exit from 'The Daily Show'. The show was also nominated for five Emmy Awards during its two-season run.

This marked a significant milestone for him, as it represented his return to the airwaves. Before this, Stewart had entered into an agreement with HBO, where he envisioned the development of various projects, including a topical short-form animated series.

However, this plan was eventually abandoned.

When did 'The Problem' make its debut?

The first season of 'The Problem' debuted in Fall 2021, with episodes releasing every other week. The subsequent season followed a weekly release schedule.

The talk show was part of a multi-year agreement with Apple, initiated in 2020. During its run, 'The Problem' achieved notable success, securing five impressive Emmy nominations.

These accolades encompassed categories such as talk series and writing, highlighting the show's impact and recognition within the industry.

'How many more talents will lose their jobs?'

The show's cancellation hasn't gone down well with its fans and followers.

Several people have taken to Twitter to voice their dissatisfaction with one saying, "@AppleTV disgraceful actions to try and restrict John Stewart in his pursuit of truth because it was inconvenient for you".

Another wrote, "They chose the mere subject of AI over John Stewart which tells you how valuable it is to these corporations. Solidarity to the actors union".

Many were standing up for Jon with one saying, "It's because he criticizes Isreal.. Like how the MSNBC people got fired........", with another writing, "It's because he criticized some snowflakes. Stay strong Jon".

While one tweeted, "These places don’t realize, you let Jon do his thing, no questions", another quipped, "How many more talents will lose their jobs for simply telling the truth?".

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