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Irked xQc lashes out at fans criticizing his relationship with Fran: 'You attack the f**k out of it until I get rid of it'

2023-07-05 16:16
Some fans were determined to know more about xQc's new girlfriend and made some bitter comments that left him furious
Irked xQc lashes out at fans criticizing his relationship with Fran: 'You attack the f**k out of it until I get rid of it'

AUSTIN, TEXAS: Twitch streamer xQc was recently in the spotlight due to the ongoing drama involving his ex-girlfriend, Adept. During a recent live stream, controversy arose when his fans began criticizing his new relationship with Fran, a fellow 'Overwatch' streamer.

In the past few years, xQc has faced challenges in the past due to his relationships, especially with his ex-girlfriend Adept, and his involvement with fellow streamer Nyxxii. As a result, he made an effort to keep his new relationship with Fran private.

‘You attack the f**k out of it’

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Despite xQc's desire to keep his relationship low-key, some fans were determined to uncover the truth about the streamer's new romance. During a recent livestream on Twitch, xQc discovered that a number of his fans had started slamming his relationship with Fran. During a casual conversation with his fans, he came across these bitter comments on his own subreddit account, targeting his new partner.

After reading the comments, xQc said on the livestream, “I met her before all this s**t too. It was the same thing with my previous relationship where people don’t remember what it was at the time and then the stream grew and it was ‘we knew it was going to be like this’ and it’s like dude, don’t do that s**t man,” adding, “I just don’t get it. It’s like everything that isn’t a f*****g disaster in my life, everything that isn’t actually f*****g killing me, it’s like you attack the f**k out of it until I get rid of it. Why? I don’t get it.”

‘Bro, you’re so weird’

During the discussion, xQc drew attention to a message from a viewer, who said that receiving bad comments and criticism was not unexpected for someone famous. He said, “Bro, you’re so weird, that’s not even true. The level that people go for live content is the worst and people know that s**t. The people know that things get reacted to and things get seen, so it’s much worse here. What are you talking about?”

He added, "I don’t get it, Maybe not in density in terms of how many people total, but the amount of the actual input for a reaction is f*****g unhinged. Like, what the f**k man?” He swiftly shifted the focus away from the community posts, despite not abruptly ending his stream.

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