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Internet dubs IShowSpeed 'biggest loser' after he backs out of completing 'coke and condom' challenge

2023-11-14 19:55
IShowSpeed's fans expressed concerns after he risked his life trying to complete the 'coke and condom' challenge
Internet dubs IShowSpeed 'biggest loser' after he backs out of completing 'coke and condom' challenge

CINCINNATI, OHIO: Darren Watkins, also known as IShowSpeed, has recently garnered attention by undertaking the 'coke and condom' challenge during a live stream. This act was met with criticism from viewers, many of whom labeled Speed as a 'loser' and criticized the challenge as poor in taste.

This incident comes on the heels of Speed's recent notoriety for attempting the 'Elephant Toothpaste' experiment. His latest endeavor, however, resulted in an unforeseen twist, leading to his hospitalization after the experiment did not go as planned. Thankfully, fans have been reassured, as reports indicate that he is now in stable condition.

What happened during IShowSpeed’s ‘coke and condom’ challenge?

During a recent YouTube livestream, IShowSpeed took on the 'Coke and Condom' challenge, creating a viral sensation that quickly garnered millions of views and widespread attention on X.

DramaAlert's official X account shared the clip with the caption, "IShowSpeed does ‘Coke and Condom’ challenge. 💀💀"

The viral footage showed Speed with a condom stretched over his head. He had an inflated condom over his face and attempted to drink a bottle of Coca-Cola, adding mentos to initiate the well-known 'soda geyser' reaction.

The condom covered his eyes and part of his nose. With a large Coke bottle in hand, he attempted to drink from it through the opening between his nose and eyes within the condom.

As the challenge commenced, coke spilled over his face, pouring out of the condom.

Speed, taken aback by the messy outcome, reacted with alarm, exclaiming, "No no no no no, I didn't do it, I didn't do it."

He then cautiously removed the condom from his head and the top of the Coke bottle from the condom, stating, "Oh f**k, I didn't do it, I didn't do it."

This raised concerns among internet users about IShowSpeed's well-being, as he risked his life attempting such perilous challenges. Some individuals appeared to criticize him for engaging in these risky endeavors.

Internet reacts to IShowSpeed’s ‘coke and condom’ challenge

Upon watching IShowSpeed's experiment, his fans took to the comment section to share their views.

One fan wrote, "Bro That is so Disgusting, Why he is still healthy and not sick after doing such kind of things🤢"

Another user said, "Trying to lose his other eye."

The third user said, "The world became a very sad place. I don’t even blame it on the streamers, if they will not do it, someone else will do it. But the fact that millions of people watch nonsense like this is really a sad thing."

The fourth slammed Speed for doing it for clout, "he's doing it for clout now, not the happiness of his viewers. he forgot that mostly of his audience are children."

The fifth exclaimed, "Kid is the biggest loser, and other loser kids, watch him, and the cycle continues."

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