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Internet backs Brayden after Charity Lawson's brother Nehemiah says he 'crossed the line from confidence to arrogance': 'He was just excited'

2023-06-27 11:54
Charity Lawson's brother Nehemiah called out Brayden Bowers for bragging about kissing her
Internet backs Brayden after Charity Lawson's brother Nehemiah says he 'crossed the line from confidence to arrogance': 'He was just excited'

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: 'The Bachelorette' Season 20 kicked off with intense drama. Charity Lawson met her potential suitors in the premiere episode. Charity's brother Nehemiah Lawson disguised as a bartender to get intel about her suitors.

Nehemiah accused Brayden Bowers of being boastful and arrogant after he kissed Charity. However, 'The Bachelorette' viewers have a slightly different opinion than Charity's brother. Viewers say that Brayden was simply excited.

Brayden brags about kissing Charity Lawson

Soon after Brayden and Charity talk about learning to love again after being cheated on, the two share a kiss. Charity noted, "With Brayden, we immediately hit it off." Charity added, "It was almost instantaneous. I'm already giddy." Meanwhile, Brayden admitted, "Dude that kiss was amazing." However, as Brayden spills the details about his kiss, the other guys ask for more details. Meanwhile, Charity's brother Nehemiah was listening in on every conversation.

Nehemiah calls Brayden 'arrogant'

Nehemiah took off his disguise and revealed that he was Charity's older brother, which stunned everyone. Brayden, however, looked shocked when Nehemiah revealed that he wanted to discuss what he had seen with his sister. Nehemiah remarked that Brayden looked "confident, leaning toward arrogant" to him. He told Charity that Brayden had crossed the line between confidence and arrogance. Charity said that this information "made the hairs on her arm stand up" Charity asked Brayden to come outside after Nehemiah's conversation. However, after Brayden explained that he was feeling giddy after their kiss, Charity asked to wait a moment. Brayden admitted that he was definitely nervous.

'I'm sorry but I really don't think Brayden was bragging'

'The Bachelorette' Season 20 viewers took to Twitter to share their reactions. A viewer tweeted, "Damn Brayden didn’t even say anything that bad." Another user added, "Honestly I think Brayden was just really excited and got a lil too much dip on his chip." Another Twitter user wrote, "Brayden wasn’t acting confident and cocky he was actually extra giddy and child like…….Brayden should not be counted out or sent home for this." Another follower penned, "Am I the only one that doesn’t think Brayden necessarily did anything wrong? Like yes he could tone it down but I wouldn’t say he was bragging…" Another person said, "I'm sorry but I really don’t think Brayden was bragging." Another follower noted, "I thought Brayden was just excited. People saw him kissing Charity, so it’s not like it was a secret. Seems like a stretch, but🤷‍♀️."