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Internet backlash targets Gavin Newsom after Fox News' Jesse Watters analyzes debate performance with Nomiki Konst

2023-12-02 16:17
Nomiki Konst appeared on 'Jesse Watters Primetime' to discuss the recent debate between Gavin Newsom and Ron DeSantis on 'Hannity'
Internet backlash targets Gavin Newsom after Fox News' Jesse Watters analyzes debate performance with Nomiki Konst

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Fox News host Jesse Watters confronted Democratic strategist Nomiki Konst on her analysis of California Gov. Gavin Newsom's debate performance, challenging whether she acknowledges that he "got crushed."

On Friday, December 1, Konst appeared on 'Jesse Watters Primetime' to discuss the recent debate between Newsom and Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on 'Hannity.'

In response, Watters shared the conversation on X (formerly Twitter).

However, the internet's reaction was less than favorable, with several X users slamming Newsom and labeling him a 'liar.'

Jesse Watters playfully calls out Nomiki Konst for gushing over Gavin Newsom’s debate performance

Fox News host Jesse Watters took to X and wrote, “Gavin Newsom may have not won the debate last night, but he sure won some hearts. And as we know, Democrats don't vote with their heads.”

Watters’ tweet presented a video where he questioned Nomiki Konst about her thoughts on how Gavin Newsom performed at the debate.

Konst contended that Newsom not only appeared "presidential" and demonstrated "sharpness" but also asserted that he was "out debating" a highly educated political figure during the debate.

She said, “I mean listen, he didn’t just come looking presidential. Okay, that’s all been said — he looks presidential. It looks like, you know, he’s out of central casting. His family’s beautiful. He was sharp. I mean, he was up on stage with not just a former congressman, a current governor — a lawyer — and he was out debating him.”

Watters then asked, “Why do you say he was out debating?”

Konst quickly chimed in adding, “I mean he was just so quick. He was pulling numbers left and right.”

However, Watters interjected by pointing out that the numbers cited by Newsom "weren't right."

In response, Konst pushed back, asserting that "PolitiFact came through" to support the accuracy of the information.

Watters questioned her again, “PolitiFact, stop it with PolitiFact. They still say the laptop’s fake — get outta here. But you really do realize he got crushed on substance? I mean you have all the statistics up there. The border, the taxes, the crime, the poop map! Was the poop map fake news?”

Konst argued that the "poop map" was "fake news" because Newsom was not the mayor at the time. She emphasized that it was merely a "gimmick" and not based on "real data."

Watters responded, “No he’s just the governor now. Yeah, no, we know the Democrats don’t like gimmicks at all.”

This comes after Newsom and Ron DeSantis engaged in a debate on Fox News' ‘Hannity’ on Thursday, November 30, discussing the policy differences between red and blue states.

Newsom avoided addressing questions about California's high crime rates and residents migrating to red states like Florida due to the state's policies.

During the debate, Governor DeSantis presented a data map illustrating incidents of human feces in San Francisco, suggesting that the city has faced challenges under Newsom's leadership.

A recent map now indicates an increase in feces-related incidents in San Francisco in 2022, with over 34,000 reported cases.

Internet calls Gavin Newsom a ‘liar’

After Jesse Watters shared his discussion on Gavin Newsom with Nomiki Konst, the internet took a brutal jab at the governor as Fox News anchor lauded him for “winning hearts.”

One person wrote, “Not mine…he’s a creep,” and another had a similar opinion, “Gruesome is sleazy gross.”

An X user simply said, “Nowsom is nothing but the biggest liar , California has the most Homeless and the Highest Taxes !! In Los Angeles on 6 street Democrats build a $ 600 million Bridge but said they didn't have money to help the Homeless!! Crooked & Corrupt as Hell !!!!”

Another slammed Newsom, “Gavin gruesome is a clown without a face. HAHA! Such a bad actor.”

One more called out Newsom saying, “Newsom was recalled 2 time's to get him out of office ! Of course we all know he cheated to stay in office he's Nancy Pelosi nephew what does that tell you !! Their CORRUPT and Crooked as Hell !! They have put California down the Toilet !!!”

Another person took a brutal jab adding, “Jessie... dont make his sick ego bigger than it is! Hes a jerk and always has been. Hes also sits right up Biden's a**!”