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'I was shocked': DC Young Fly opens up about how he coped with partner Jacky Oh's sudden death

2023-12-02 19:52
On Tamron Hall's show, DC Young Fly talked about his 'numbness' to the death of loved ones and shared how he coped with losing Jacky Oh
'I was shocked': DC Young Fly opens up about how he coped with partner Jacky Oh's sudden death

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Late American rapper Jacky Oh's partner, DC Young Fly, recently shed light on the heartbreaking way he dealt with her death after she tragically died from complications following cosmetic surgery on May 31.

In an exclusive sneak peek of an episode of Tamron Hall's show obtained by PEOPLE Magazine, Fly shared how he "scared" himself over the reaction to Oh's death and reflected on how losing people in his life has affected the way he approaches grief.

"I’d had been through so much loss, emotionally, I’m numb to death because I’m used to it," noted the 'Armed' star, explaining his response to learning the news of the death of a loved one.

DC Young Fly was just 16 when he first experienced the loss of someone close

Fly revealed that he first experienced losing a near one to death when he was 16 and continued to have a "different reaction" to every death he experienced over the years.

"With my cousin, I was angry," shared Fly, adding, "When my father died, I was at peace. When my best friend died, I was confused. Now, when my girl died, I'm shocked."

Speaking of Oh's death, Fly said, "And who is this for? Who do I talk to? Because this not only affects me, it affects my children. They have [gone] through something that I ain’t even been through."

DC Young Fly opens up about how Jacky Oh's death affected their children

During his interview, Fly also opened up about the impact of Oh's death on their three children, Nova, Nala, and Prince Nehemiah.

The 31-year-old said he believes that his daughters have received "the spirit" and hence have been able to comfort the entire family while they navigated through grief.

"Nala, she'll just come out of the blue and be like, 'What's wrong, Daddy? You okay? Don't worry. Everything will be okay'," recalled Fly.

The YouTube star also shared another moment where his eldest daughter, Nova, consoled her aunt with encouraging words, saying, "I hear my older daughter, Nova, she [says], 'Oh, I heard auntie in there crying. I told her, 'Daddy said stop crying. We supposed to be strong. We're gonna be alright'."

"That’s the [Holy] Spirit letting me know that they’re on their way. They’re built for it, it’s gonna be hard, but they’re built for it," added Fly.

The comedian also mentioned that he would never "wish" the pain of losing their partner on anybody before adding how Oh's death still feels like a "dream."

He said that he felt Oh could walk through the door at any moment. Fly further shared that he has never dealt with "past traumas" in the public eye so the experience of losing the mother of his children has been "different."

"I’m private… I really don’t even want y’all in my business," stated Fly, adding how he has been open about his grief to give a "helping hand" to others in the same situation.

Internet offers support and condolences to DC Young Fly

As the clip of Fly opening up about dealing with the death of a loved one surfaced online, several social media users took to Facebook to offer their support and condolences to the 'TLR' alum.

"I lost my wife to cancer in 2017. I'm still not over it. All I can say, time makes it a little easier, but won't ever fix it. My condolences brother!" wrote one.

Another added, "Same! My dad took every ounce of me when he died. My initial reaction to death hasn’t been the same since."

"I felt this interview so much. I am numb to death. I lost my mother 2014, my oldest brother 2016, my grandma 2021, my step-dad 2022, then my youngest brother 2022. I don't even cry no more I just get up and start planning burials. This is life. This was written I don't question God," expressed a person.

One user simply said, "My condolences!" while another mentioned, "4 years ago I lost my mom and pops 3 months from each other. my father was a pastor and it really shows that death can come for anyone."

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