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How to watch MrBeast's secret $1M merch video? Where to buy Feastables products?

2023-06-12 16:23
MrBeast announced that he had recorded a secret video that is not available anywhere at the end of his latest yacht video
How to watch MrBeast's secret $1M merch video? Where to buy Feastables products?

GREENVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA: Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast commands an immense online presence with 159 million subscribers on YouTube. As the most followed individual on the platform, he captures the attention of hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide. Recently, a secret video has been circulating online, generating buzz and intrigue among his fans. However, there's a catch, this exclusive content can only be accessed through a specific method.

MrBeast's popularity grows as his subscriber count consistently goes up. In just a month, he has gained an additional eight million subscribers, showcasing the unwavering growth of his dedicated fan base.

How to watch MrBeast's secret $1M merch video?

On Saturday, June 10, MrBeast delighted his fans with a new video that showcased his extravagant spending habits. Renowned for his ability to splurge, MrBeast presented an intriguing comparison between $1 yachts, $1M yachts, and even $1B yachts. Viewers were also treated to unexpected appearances by notable figures including Pete Davidson and Tom Brady. However, it was the revelation of a secret video that truly captivated their attention, sparking widespread curiosity and anticipation among his fans.

At the end of the yacht video MrBeast stated, "We filmed a secret MrBeast video that will never be uploaded to YouTube."

The exclusive method to access MrBeast's latest video is by acquiring any of the Feastables products offered by the renowned YouTuber. MrBeast explained, "The only way you can watch this video is by buying a Feastables product within the next 30 days and scanning the QR code on the back."

If individuals are under the impression that they can simply enter a store and scan the Feastables QR code, they will be met with the foresight of the MrBeast team. According to reports, it is necessary to provide proof of purchase along with the QR code scan to unlock the concealed content. Therefore, for those aspiring to view the video, a Feastables purchase is mandatory. The video will not be readily available on platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Reddit or any other social media outlet where video content can typically be accessed.

Where to buy Feastables products?

Feastables, the brainchild of MrBeast is a chocolate bar company established in collaboration with Night Media. The primary focus of the company lies in crafting chocolate bars using organic ingredients without any artificial flavors. Fans are given the option to choose from various flavors of choco bars, which grant access to a secret $1M merch video. Feastables takes pride in offering a diverse range of gluten-free chocolate bars that are composed of plant-based components such as sugar cane, cocoa bean, cocoa butter and sunflower lecithin. Presently, Feastables presents these delectable chocolate bar flavors to indulge in: original chocolate, almond chocolate, and quinoa crunch, along with milk chocolate and sea salt chocolate options.

Feastables can currently be purchased through the official website, but they are also available at various retail locations such as Walmart, Albertsons and 7-Eleven. Those eager to watch the exclusive video should act quickly as it will no longer be accessible after the second week of July.

If individuals make a Feastables purchase via the website, their proof of purchase will be automatically recorded, granting them immediate access to the video. However, if they make an in-store purchase, they will need to upload their receipt to the Feastables website to unlock the video. This clever marketing strategy has garnered praise and admiration for MrBeast and his team, attracting a growing number of Feastables enthusiasts.

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