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How long were Britney Spears and Jason Alexander married? Singer's ex-husband arrested again for stalking

2023-08-03 15:57
Jason Alexander was arrested in the past for stalking and Britney Spears has a three-year restraining order against him
How long were Britney Spears and Jason Alexander married? Singer's ex-husband arrested again for stalking

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Britney Spears' ex-husband, Jason Allen Alexander, was arrested for stalking in Tennessee on Wednesday, August 3. As of now, police are yet to reveal any information regarding bail or court date in connection with the case.

Spears posted a video of her dancing from her Southern California residence on Tuesday, August 2, which indicated that it was unlikely she was involved in the incident. It is worth noting that she has a restraining order against Alexander for three years.This latest arrest comes after Alexander married a woman named Rebecca Bell, with the couple obtaining a marriage license and tying the knot on March 27, as per the Daily Mail.

How long were Britney Spears and Jason Alexander married?

Spears and Alexander got married in 2004 in Las Vegas. Their marriage was annulled 55 hours later. This is not the first time Alexander has been picked up by the police for stalking. In June 2022, he disrupted Spears' wedding with Sam Asghari in her Thousand Oaks, California home. He was arrested and charged with felony stalking, refusal to leave private property, vandalism and battery. In August the same year, he was convicted of trespassing and battery after pleading no contest to the charges in Ventura County, California.

According to the police, Alexander climed up a fence of the property to gain entry into the private wedding ceremony, which had a star-studded guest list. He then descended a rocky slope to reach the singer's property. Upon reaching the 20-acre estate, he filmed himself running toward Spears' 12,464sqft villa, dressed in a white prison jumpsuit and wielding a knife. During the incident, he said on the video, "I'm Jason Alexander. The first husband. I'm here to crash the wedding. She's my first wife, she's my only wife."

However, Alexander was subdued by security guards and subsequently arrested. Following the incident, Spears was granted a three-year restraining order against Alexander, supported by statements from both her and Asghari that he was carrying a knife during his arrest.

'I couldn't let her get married'

Despite marrying Bell, Alexander has continued to post about Spears, re-sharing an article alleging abuse. In September 2022, Alexander reportedly said that he crashed the wedding because he had doubts about Spears' willingness to marry Asghari. "I couldn't let her get married with the conversations we've had over the last two years. I wasn't there to cause harm. I was just there to Speak to Britney and make sure she was okay and this is what she wanted," he said.

Alexander believed the wedding was a sham and that she being forced into marrying Asghari. He said, "It's all for show. A Hollywood script. I don't think she looks happy. That whole thing is not real."

Alexander further said, "I spoke to her the Monday leading up to the wedding and she didn't mention anything about getting married. We talked about the people she hangs out with that calls her her friends. Business associates that profit off of her. Most people aren't aware of what's been happening in the background."

Alexander maintained that his intentions were not malicious and that he only wanted to speak to Spears to ensure she was alright. He believed that if he had encountered Spears that day, the "outcome would have been different."

There were rumors that Spears and Asghari's marriage was in trouble as she was spotted without her wedding ring during a trip to Hawaii. However, sources close to the singer asserted that all was well in her marriage to Asghari.

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