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How did Jacky Oh meet her baby daddy DC Young Fly? 'Wild n Out' star's journey to love and motherhood

2023-06-02 15:49
Not many know that Jacky Oh and baby daddy DC Young Fly's first meeting was in a hotel lobby and they went on to have three kids together
How did Jacky Oh meet her baby daddy DC Young Fly? 'Wild n Out' star's journey to love and motherhood

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Jacky Oh, the longtime partner of 'Wild 'N Out' star DC Young Fly, passed away at the age of 32. The couple had met in 2015 and were going strong before Oh's tragic demise. Oh, whose real name was Jacklyn Smith, was once called DC Young Fly's "baby mama" by Nick Cannon when they appeared together on 'Wild 'N Out'. The hardworking, multitasking woman had multiple pursuits despite being a full-time mom to their three children, Nova, Nala, and Prince. She had her own YouTube channel, was an entrepreneur while acting on select projects and of course, a mother. Page Six was one of the first publications to confirm her shocking death.

Prior to her untimely death, she had traveled to Miami for a "mommy makeover" procedure and shared a now-deleted photo alongside surgeon Dr Zachary Okhah, indicating her upcoming surgery. The sudden loss of Jacky Oh has left friends, family, and fans mourning her departure. The official page of 'Wild N Out' posted a heartfelt message on her untimely demise. DC has not made any official statement yet, and was shooting 'Wild N Out' episodes when the news of her death broke.

How did Jacky Oh and DC Young Fly meet?

Jacky Oh was a former star of the hit show 'Wild n Out' while her partner, DC Young Fly, still stars on the show. DC, whose real name is John Whitfield, crossed paths with Jacky Oh in a rather serendipitous manner. It was in 2015 when they were both working on the Nick Cannon-created series. However, their initial meeting didn't actually take place on the set but in a hotel lobby. Little did they know that this chance encounter would lead to a lasting connection. Jacky Oh, then a 'Wild N' Out' girl, and DC Young Fly, a featured player on the show, instantly hit it off and were together since then. Their bond was further strengthened by their shared journey of raising three beautiful children: daughter Nova Whitfield who she welcomed in 2016, then came daughter Nala Whitfield who she gave birth to in 2020, and son Prince' Nehemiah who was born recently — just a year ago.

What did Jacky Oh did for a living?

In addition to her role as a devoted mother, Jacky Oh was a multi-talented individual with various side hustles. With an impressive online presence, she garnered nearly 1 million followers on Instagram and over 800k subscribers on YouTube. Demonstrating her influence, she engaged in brand collaborations, including a notable partnership with the popular clothing brand Shein. Expanding her horizons, Jacky Oh ventured into the real estate industry and created a dedicated social media account, ',' where she showcased properties and enticed potential home buyers. Embracing her passion for makeup, she established her own cosmetics line called the J. Nova Collection, featuring a range of lip gloss and false eyelashes. Jacky Oh's entrepreneurial spirit and creative endeavors showcased her versatility and left a lasting impact on her followers.

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