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Hilary Farr announces exit from 'Love It or List It' after 19 seasons, fans dub her 'diva' of HGTV show

2023-12-02 20:54
Hilary Farr, the home design expert who joined 'Love It or List It' in 2008, shared that she will be leaving the HGTV show as 'it's just time'
Hilary Farr announces exit from 'Love It or List It' after 19 seasons, fans dub her 'diva' of HGTV show

LOS ANGLES, CALIFORNIA: Hilary Farr, the home design expert who co-hosted HGTV's 'Love It or List It' alongside realtor David Visentin for 19 seasons, has announced her departure from the show, sharing the exclusive news with PEOPLE Magazine.

The departure marks the end of an era for fans of the long-running series that focused on transforming homes and helping families decide whether to love their renovated space or list it on the market. Farr's expertise and dynamic partnership with Visentin have been a staple of the show since 2008.

Hilary Farr says HGTV's 'Love It or List It' got her through 'hard times'

Hilary Farr, known for her sophisticated renovations and witty banter, made the decision to leave 'Love It or List It' almost a year ago.

She said, "I've given it so many years of my life. It's got me through hard times. It's got the audiences through hard times. It has evolved into a mainstay of people's lives and it's been incredibly gratifying. But now it's time for me to move on and meet new challenges."

"I realized that everything that I am as a woman, which is [that I] look for challenges, look for inspiration, look for new ideas, be excited about all the possibilities that are out there, had really needed to bloom and to find their way," noted Farr.

She added, "I told everyone I'm done. I thought that everyone had accepted it, but they hadn't." "Everyone came back and said, ‘So, Love It or List It?’," the designer said about everyone's expectations about her filming the 20th season of the HGTV show.

Farr reflected on the decision to leave 'Love It or List It', acknowledging, "Rethink it again and really examine it, did I want to go back to or not? With all the love in the world, the answer was no. It's just time."

'Love It or List It' co-host David Visentin was skeptical about Hilary Farr's exit

In 2021, while continuing her role on 'Love It or List It', Hilary Farr also took on a solo series, 'Tough Love with Hilary Farr', a show that allowed her to explore creative solutions for clients' dysfunctional spaces, offering a different and enjoyable experience for Farr.

'Tough Love with Hilary Farr' premiered its second season in the fall of this year.

When Farr informed her co-host David Visentin about her departure from 'Love It or List It', she recalls that he didn't believe her, expressing skepticism with a playful remark, "Oh, you say that."

"We are who we are [in real life] on that show," noted Farr, adding, "Think of your brother as his most obnoxious and annoying, that's David."

Fans react to Hilary Farr leaving HGTV's 'Love It or List It'

Ever since Hilary Farr's decision to leave 'Love It or List It' has come out, people have taken to social media to express how much they would miss her after 19 seasons.

One wrote, "I'm so sorry to hear this as it was always one of my favorite shows but after reading your story I totally understand your decision. Loved you and David together and truly do hope that friendship continues. All the best in whatever your future plans are and thank you! You have exquisite taste".

Another said, "Hilary I just can't believe you are leaving Love It Or List It after all these years! Everyone just looks forward to seeing you and David Visentin use your sense of humour to light up every show you did together!! It is just like losing two close family members!"

They added, "Your sense of style and making every house a "masterpiece" will be missed more than you know. You always were the Diva of the HGTV television shows! Good luck in all your endeavours Hilary and here's hoping a new show is in the works for you!!!!"

Someone else noted, "I will miss you Hilary!! I truly understand though. You and David have always been a wonderful mainstay for me and I loved Love It or List Is, and also your newer program. Sending many blessings and best wishes for your future endeavors."

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