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'Here for it': Fans demand Niall Horan and Taylor Swift collaboration following 'The Voice' social media post

2023-11-22 13:25
Fans clamor for a Niall Horan and Taylor Swift collaboration after 'The Voice' teased Niall on social media using Taylor's lyrics
'Here for it': Fans demand Niall Horan and Taylor Swift collaboration following 'The Voice' social media post

UNIVERSAL CITY, CALIFORNIA: 'The Voice' Season 24 is in full swing and the fans are busy watching their favorite stars flaunt their singing skills.

Recently, 'The Voice' shared some pictures of the coach Niall Horan on its official Instagram page.

The caption of the Instagram post read, "In a world of boys...✨ he's a gentleman. ✨ @niallhoran 🫶."

For those unaware, the line mentioned in the post's caption is from Taylor Swift's song 'Slut.'

Soon after, the fans began stating that they wanted a Taylor and Niall collaboration.

One social media user wrote, "TAYLOR X NIALL WHEN?! 😭🤩"


An internet user commented, "A niall x taylor collab on TS11 would literally complete my life i would never ask for anything more."

A comment read, "I would simply pass away if we get a Taylor and Niall collab."

Followed by a user who penned, "Is this hinting at a Taylor x Niall collab because I’m here for it."

A user said, "We need a collab."

Niall Horan joins Taylor Swift on her 2018 'Reputation' Tour

In 2018, Horan joined Swift during a London show of her 2018 'Reputation' Tour.

At that time, the former One Direction member and Taylor performed a beautiful rendition of his song 'Slow Hands.'

Then, the pop star shared a few snaps from their soundcheck on her Instagram page.

"Soundcheck at Wembley Stadium with this guy @niallhoran THANK YOU for surprising the crowd tonight!!!" she wrote in the caption of the post.

After the show, Horan also thanked Taylor for the invitation and shared, "Thank you @taylorswift for having me last night at Wembley . What a fantastic experience to share the stage with you! ❤️."

Taylor Swift shows her love for Niall Horan's cover of her hit song 'Lover'

In March 2020, the 12-time Grammy-winning pop star took to her Instagram Story and posted a screenshot of Niall Horan and Fletcher's catchy cover of 'Lover' playing on her Spotify account.

The 'Snow on the Beach' songstress simply captioned the photo, "This is absolutely stunning. @niallhoran [and] @findingxfletcher, love you guys."

Niall Horan calls Taylor Swift 'one of the greatest songwriters of her generation’

While having a chat with Zane Lowe via FaceTime on Apple Music in April 2020, Horan gave a sweet shout to Swift. He mentioned that she’s “just one of the greatest songwriters of her generation.”

At that point, the 'This Town' singer said, "I sometimes will sit here and I’ll play some chords and then I’ll go, ‘What would Taylor do right now?'"

He added, "I actually said it to Taylor. It was her birthday and I sent her an email and I was like, ‘There’s very few artists around now that you could say that, when you’re sitting writing a song, you’re like, ‘What chord would Taylor choose now? Would she go minor? Would she stay it a bit straighter?” Taylor Swift is one of those and she deserves everything she gets.”

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