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'Greatest accomplishment': Blake Shelton hails Gwen Stefani as he celebrates Hollywood Walk of Fame star

2023-05-13 23:58
Blake spoke about his life and reflected on his career during his acceptance speech at the event
'Greatest accomplishment': Blake Shelton hails Gwen Stefani as he celebrates Hollywood Walk of Fame star

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA: County music singer Blake Shelton was supported by his wife Gwen Stefani and his stepsons while he received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The 46-year-old, who is presently a judge in his final season of 'The Voice' was accompanied by the 53-year-old singer-songwriter and her three sons at the Hollywood ceremony on Friday, May 12.

Blake was photographed boasting a huge smile on his face while posing next to his newly-minted star along with Gwen and stepsons Kingston, 16, Zuma, 14, and Apollo, 9, at the stellar event which was also attended by his fellow 'The Voice' judge Adam Levine.


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Blake's speech at the event

During his acceptance speech at the event, Blake spoke about his life and reflected on his career, claiming that marrying the 3-time Grammy award winner was his greatest accomplishment in life. "I kind of stopped checking things off my list of great accomplishments in my life when I married Gwen, so this is just icing on the cake", he said, according to Daily Mail. "I love you so much, and that's the great thing that's happened along this journey."

What were Blake and his wife wearing?

Blake put on his signature black blazer over a complementary shirt nicely tucked into blue jeans and brown leather boots. Gewn sported a white mini dress with polka dots all over it along with black patent leather thigh-high boots.

'He's humble, he's genuine'

Gwen also heaped praise on her man after she hit the podium. "He's humble, he's genuine, and trust me, wherever we go everybody feels like they know Blake Shelton," she said. "Blake, you are a rare human being. The reason Blake Shelton is here today on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is because you are part of the country dream, the Hollywood dream and you are part of the American Dream. And everybody knows you are my dream come true. I love you."

Gwen's other family members also flew in from Oklahoma to celebrate the honor. Blake also paid tribute to his brother, Richie, who lost his life in a car accident in 1990. "My family's all here, by the way, from Oklahoma. I was talking to my mom this morning, and I was just thinking about what I'm gonna say when I get up here," he said during the speech. "She says to me, 'I wish Richie could've been here to see this and everything that you've done.' So I dedicate my star on this Walk of Fame to my brother Richie".

Blake quit 'The Voice' to spend more time with his family

On October 11, Blake announced that he was leaving 'The Voice' after season 23, to spend more time with his third wife and three stepsons. "If I walked away from my career at this time, the only thing that I run the risk of is having regrets that I'm missing out on some more important things in life. This isn't about me anymore and never will be again," he told People. "I've made plenty of money, but you can't buy time back. So that's what I want to invest in now. For now, that's our kids. Even though I'm a stepparent, I take that job very serious. And the kids don't see me as anything but this very important person in their life. 'Why isn't Blake here?' I take that stuff to heart."

He added, "Each kid has something different to teach. I think they've taught me something about myself. I'm more than just a country singer and a goofy guy. I'm someone they actually lean on and that's not a responsibility that I ever had and not something that I ever considered being into. It's just a different self worth. Maybe it's the opposite of self worth."

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