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Golf meme page Long Drivers' post on 'Paige Spiranac' Halloween costume goes viral

2023-10-30 18:15
The packaging of the spoof 'Paige Spiranac' costume promised to provide 3.9 million Instagram followers and a subscription to the OnlyPaige platform
Golf meme page Long Drivers' post on 'Paige Spiranac' Halloween costume goes viral

WHEAT RIDGE, COLORADO: A golf meme page named Long Drivers recently put up a satire post about golf influencer Paige Spiranac by turning her into a Spirit Halloween costume.

Spiranac, who has risen to prominence through her informative golf videos as well as her keen sense of fashion, is revered by her followers. So, it won't be far-fetched that people would want to dress up like her during the upcoming holiday.

Paige Spiranac gets turned into a Spirit Halloween costume

The Instagram post from the Long Drivers page included a picture of a Spirit Halloween costume of Paige Spiranac with the retail chain's iconic skeleton logo. It showed a picture of the golf influencer dressed in a green monokini, red gloves, and a hat, a possible cosplay outfit.

Right below the name of the influencer, there was an "included" section mentioning the things that a purchaser would get on owning the costume. The three items on the list comprised, 3.9 million Instagram followers, free tickets to the 2024 Masters Tournament, and a lifelong subscription to OnlyPaige for a simple $1 million one-time fee.

The post is probably a joke about the exclusive content that Spiranac posts on OnlyPaige.

Notably, OnlyPaige is a subscription-based website used by the golf influencer to stay connected with her followers and provide them with unique content that she doesn't share on Instagram or Twitter.

She reportedly created the platform after receiving rude and hateful comments regarding her bold outfit choices and wanted a place to post her fun and sexy content without facing any judgment.

After a few people showed concern about the presence of adult content, Spiranac cleared out the air and said that it wouldn't contain anything of that sports even though the website's name was pretty similar to OnlyFans.

Paige Spiranac calls golf a 'maddening' game

Paige Spiranac recently took to X (formerly Twitter) to share her ongoing love/hate relationship with golf.

Many have questioned if she could be stepping away from the game that once defined her, given her thriving profession in content production and her many brand sponsorships. Furthermore, there have been rumors regarding her devotion to golf since she switched from competitive golf to content development.

In the post, she wrote, "I had one of those rounds of golf today that makes me simultaneously hate the game but also makes me want to obsess about it 24/7 until I fix it, Gotta love it. That’s why we continue to play this maddening game lol," making it clear that the sport means a lot to her.

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