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‘GMA’ host Will Reeve stunned by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s on-air antics as he throws beef on F1 track

2023-11-20 14:18
Gordon Ramsay joked that he'll be passing beef Wellingtons to F1 players while they're in their cars
‘GMA’ host Will Reeve stunned by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s on-air antics as he throws beef on F1 track

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: ‘Good Morning America’ host Will Reeve was recently taken aback by the surprise on-air behavior of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, who appeared on the morning show as a guest.

The 31-year-old ‘GMA’ anchor hosted a brief segment with Ramsay from Las Vegas, Nevada where the Formula One Grand Prix took place recently.

Ramsay was on the morning show to promote his pop-up restaurant when he picked up a piece of beef and threw it on the F1 track during the segment.

‘GMA’ host Will Reeve surprised by Gordon Ramsay’s on-air antics

Reeve mentioned that the pop-up Ramsey's Garage is being held at the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix. ‘The Hell's Kitchen’ star showed off his dishes, including plates of burgers and beef wellingtons.

The British celebrity chef then grabbed the pieces of beef tenderloin and tossed them out the window.

Ramsay said, “We’re passing wellingtons to Lewis. It’s gonna land in the cockpit and he’s gonna have a bite, and Fernando.”

Later Ramsay concluded and declared, “There are no vegans inside that car!” The ‘GMA’ host laughed before bringing the hilarious segment to a close.

‘GMA’ shared this interaction on their Instagram handle and captioned the post, “@gordongram wants to throw Beef Wellington to the F1 drivers as they race down the strip during the #LasVegasGP.”

‘GMA’ host Will Reeve shares snaps from the F1 track at Las Vegas, Nevada

The ‘GMA’ host later took to Instagram to share a small carousel post with his followers about his time on the F1 track covering the Las Vegas Grand Prix. The first snap captured Reeve next to Ramsay on the racing track.

The ‘GMA’ host had the honor of interviewing F1 racer Max Verstappen on the morning show and later shared a snap of the car of the Mercedes Formula One team.

Reeve also clicked a snap with a few members of the F1 management and captioned his post, “The best pit crew in the paddock @goodmorningamerica @f1 @gordongram @maxverstappen1.”

Fans commented on his post with one saying, “You got the best job, Will! Have a blast in my favorite city.” Another said, “I love your reports and live shots. You’re adorable and connect with the audience”

“Will you sure are making AM TV extra great these days so glad you doing more segments,” added another fan. ‘GMA’ star Deborah Roberts also wrote, “Yep. Getting it done!”

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