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‘GMA’ host George Stephanopoulos makes embarrassing confession on-air days after sharing clip from audiobook recording session

2023-12-02 11:16
George Stephanopoulos revealed what he had in common with Charlie Gibson as he sat down to interview the former 'GMA' anchor and his daughter Kate
‘GMA’ host George Stephanopoulos makes embarrassing confession on-air days after sharing clip from audiobook recording session

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: ‘Good Morning America’ star George Stephanopoulos accidentally spilled some personal information about himself on the morning show.

The 62-year-old political commentator was interviewing former ‘GMA’ anchor Charlie Gibson and his daughter Kate Gibson when he joked that he was “cheap,” much like Charlie.

This incident transpired live on the morning show only a few days after George was spotted looking glum and down during his audiobook session in the studio.

‘GMA’ host George Stephanopoulos calls himself ‘cheap’ on-air

The renowned ABC political commentator sat down with former ‘GMA’ star Charlie Gibson and his daughter to talk about their podcast, ‘The Book Case’, among many other things.

While discussing the podcast on the morning show, George asked Kate, “Do you get [your love of reading] from your dad?” he asked Kate. Kate confessed that a bookstore was the "only store in the world" where he wasn't "notoriously cheap."

George laughed and divulged that being “cheap” was something he and Charlie “had in common.”

The ABC anchor seemed in high spirits on the morning show during his interview with Charlie and Kate after sporting an exhausted look in the studio while recording his audiobook.

George Stephanopoulos sports ‘glum’ look in the recording studio

The ‘GMA’ host shared a small clip on his Instagram handle from his audiobook recording session.

George wore a dark gray hoodie, matching gray beanie, and a pair of khaki pants, a look quite different from the crisp, clean suits he normally wears on the ‘GMA’ set.

He went for comfort and didn't take the beanie off even while in the booth with a headset on. George wore a glum look as he chugged cups of coffee before starting to record.

However, many who saw George’s beanie on his head found it “adorable,” while his wife Ali Wentworth wanted him to “take it off” as she took to the comments to make her voice heard.

"Honey - take your hat off!" she commented.

A few other fans barged in to comment on George’s look. One said, "@therealaliwentworth No! He's adorable in his comfy clothes.” Another wrote, “Gotta be comfy sitting in a sound booth for hours!”

A surprised fan said, “Mr Stephanopoulos I’ve never seen you without a suit on. But I’m sure this is going to be Good!!” "You look great in casual clothes. I love the hat!!!" quipped another.