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'From rats to riches': X user shares old Kai Cenat clip that supposedly catapulted him to fame

2023-11-12 19:22
The old video shows Kai Cenat doing push-ups while a mouse runs through the room
'From rats to riches': X user shares old Kai Cenat clip that supposedly catapulted him to fame

NEW YORK, NEW YORK CITY: Kai Cenat, celebrated for his comedic short films, challenges, and pranks, rose to fame on social media after one of his clips went viral.

Cenat is a member of the YouTube group AMP and often showcases his lavish lifestyle on Instagram. His rise to stardom was recently highlighted by an X user who shared an old clip that catapulted him to fame.

Video that made Kai Cenat famous

According to a user on X, a video featuring Kai Cenat doing push-ups made him famous. In this video, Cenat is seen dressed in a white vest and black shorts with white stripes.

While Cenat was busy exercising and showcasing his stamina, the cameraman captured a mouse running in the room. While reviewing the footage later, Cenat listens to an audio clip of a fan's reaction.

He appears embarrassed when the fan comments on the "dirty environment."

Fans on X joked about the serendipity. One said, "From rats to riches."

Another claimed that Cenat was already famous at the time. "He was famous before this but this was the first BIG clip in his streaming career," they tweeted.

A third noticed the YouTube plaque in the background and said, "That made Kai Cenat famous" *million subscriber plaque on the wall*"

How did Kai Cenat start his career?

Kai Cenat's journey from an Instagram user posting comedic sketches to a social media sensation is remarkable. His unique humor quickly attracted a growing fan base, leading to his expansion across various platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

Now, as a key member of the YouTube collaboration AMP, Cenat boasts an impressive following of over a million on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, coupled with over 310 million views.

His creative prowess and burgeoning popularity highlight a promising and successful career trajectory in the digital space.

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