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'Flipping El Moussas' Heather Rae opens up about postpartum struggles, recalls 'stressful times' after Tristan's birth

2023-10-19 09:54
'Flipping El Moussas' star Heather Rae calls her newborn Tristan a 'busy boy'
'Flipping El Moussas' Heather Rae opens up about postpartum struggles, recalls 'stressful times' after Tristan's birth

RUNNING SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA: Heather Rae El Moussa took to Instagram on Wednesday to upload a couple of photos with her newborn Tristan. She took to social media to talk about her postpartum struggles.

Heather wrote in the caption, "8 1/2 months postpartum. As I write this, my heart is full but also my mama heart is a little sad because my big boy does not want to breast-feed anymore."

She then claimed the moment to be "bittersweet" for her as a new mother as she got used to breast feeding her song. Heather added, "It’s bittersweet for me because breast-feeding as a new mommy was something I grew to love- I love the bond, the skin to skin, the cuddles, and if I’m being honest, it would have been harder for me to make the decision to stop."

Calling Tristan a "busy boy," Heather claimed that even though he doesn't want to breastfeed anymore, she will keep trying in case he wants it anytime. Heather informed her fans, "About 2 1/2 weeks ago, Tristan started to get un-interested & would just pull away and blow bubbles but he would still end up enjoying our morning feeds… until today 😢 and I don’t want to force him so I’m trusting the process, like I have from the start."

She added, "I will still offer it to him but he’s a busy boy these days & is just so distracted."

'Flipping El Moussas' star Heather Rae El Moussa reveals breastfeeding was hard for Tristan

Heather has been open about all the ups and downs she faced ever since getting pregnant delivering the baby to taking care of him. She said, "I do want to say that I’m really proud of myself that I made it this long. I passed my goal of 4 months, then 6 months, and I’m proud of my Tristan bear."

She adds, "Breast-feeding was something that was initially hard for him when he was just a newborn because he struggled with his tongue, cheek, & lip ties."

However, Heather did not give up her hope on her newborn and continued trying to breastfeed him. She wrote, "But we were a team. It definitely wasn’t the easiest process and I had so many tearful nights & stressful times."

She then claimed to be proud of herself and her son for getting past the struggling phase. "Breastfeeding is so freaking hard to begin with and there was many times I wondered if I was drying up or wondering if he was getting enough milk. But at the end of the day, I’m so proud of us," added 'Flipping El Moussas' star.

She then advised the new mothers to not be ashamed of breastfeeding their kids. She wrote, "Proud of all the mothers out there- no matter how long or short you decide to breastfeed or breastfed at all because you are incredible and I hope you never feel (or felt) ashamed or let anyone judge you for YOUR process."

She ended her post claiming, "Sending so much love & strength to all the mamas out there that are in the thick of it. I’m here for you because I myself have gone though it all."

Heather Rae El Moussa claims to be 'bonus mom' to husband Tarek El Moussa's kids

Heather took to Instagram to claim that she met Tarek's daughter Taylor, 12, when she was a little girl and the second she met her she knew her "life was going to change."

Heather claimed Taylor "melted her heart" and opened up to her just after one day of meeting her. Revealing there was an "awkward" phase between her and step-daughter, Heather referred to herself as the bonum mother.

She wrote, "There was never an “awkward” phase for us. Not everyone can understand the close relationship I have with the kids & that’s fine, all that matters is how we feel.

The kids made me want to have kids, I love my role as their bonus mom."

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