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Fired ‘GMA’ star TJ Holmes addresses critics in cryptic post as he speaks about ‘painful war’ against him

2023-09-27 15:18
Ousted 'GMA3' host TJ Holmes responds to his critics with a cryptic Instagram post talking about finding a blessing in the darkest moments
Fired ‘GMA’ star TJ Holmes addresses critics in cryptic post as he speaks about ‘painful war’ against him

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Former ‘GMA3’ star TJ Holmes recently shared a cryptic post on Instagram about a “painful war” waged against him by his critics.

The 46-year-old, reeling from marital woes after his affair with co-star Amy Robach was exposed, spoke about finding a “blessing” from this difficult situation.

The exposure of the affair led to Holmes splitting up with his now ex-wife Marilee Fiebig and a nasty divorce proceeding that is refusing to end.

Despite all the problems, Holmes has been holding his ground; but finally he shot back with a cryptic post that seemed to be aimed at people criticizing him.

TJ Holmes’ cryptic post on Instagram addresses his critics

Holmes took to the social media platform to share his thoughts with his followers.

The former ‘GMA’ star shared a quote and captioned the post, “#todaysquote”

The quote read, “What can seem like a painful war against you and what can feel like an ambush at every corner may be a blessing guiding you and breaking you out of the tight and limiting armor that has become too small for you.”

Holmes returned to Instagram last month after a brief hiatus since November 2022.

His silence on social media was attributed to the news of his affair with Robach which was plastered all over the tabloids.

This also led to a divorce battle with ex-wife Fiebig with the court hearing now set for January 2024, more than a year after the ex-host filed for divorce.

Holmes didn’t directly state who the quote was addressed to but on a closer inspection of his life, one can clearly see that the former ‘GMA3’ host was taking a dig at everyone who went against him in these last few months.

However, Holmes did mention finding a “blessing” in all this, signaling that the past few months have taught him a lot of things and soon he will be a new person, taking up new challenges in life.

TJ Holmes spends quality time with daughter Sabine before custody battle

Recently, Holmes also shared a snap of her daughter on Instagram where he appeared to be helping out with Sabine's haircare routine.

Holmes captured a photo of Sabine from behind as she played a video game on the living room television.

Her natural curls appeared to be damp, and she had a towel wrapped around her shoulders.

He captioned the post, “#HAIRDAYxSUPERMARIOBROS #BabySabine”.

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