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Fans call Pedro Pascal 'innocent' as actor says he doesn't mind being 'Internet's daddy'

2023-05-25 11:16
'Pedro is so adorable for this. He’s like an innocent child,' said a social media user
Fans call Pedro Pascal 'innocent' as actor says he doesn't mind being 'Internet's daddy'

Pedro Pascal has emerged as one of the Hollywood industry's most beloved fictitious fathers after making his debut as the Mandalorian in 2019. He portrays a guardian carrying and defending a youngster in a hostile environment in both 'The Mandalorian' and 'The Last of Us'. The internet has also given him the moniker "daddy." While the 48-year-old has jocularly adopted the name, he has also been forthright about its more demeaning connotations.

"It seems a little role-related, I think," Pedro told the Hollywood Reporter. Many of Pascal's fans have dubbed him "the internet's daddy" as a result of his recent, self-described "very daddy" roles. In a red carpet interview earlier this year, Pascal even proclaimed, "Yep, I am your cool sl**ty daddy." He is now making it clear that while he doesn't mind having this title bring his attention, he has no intention of using it literally.


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'It seems a little role-related'

Pedro recently took part in the Hollywood Reporter's Drama Actor Roundtable discussion, along with Michael Imperioli, Kieran Culkin, Damson Idris, Jeff Bridges, and Evan Peters, and was asked if he enjoys being called "daddy," after the interviewer highlighted that "1.5 million" results appear when people google his name and the word "daddy." Kieran questioned Pedro about becoming his father before he could respond. Pedro replied, laughing, "Yeah, I am having fun with it." But he added, "It seems a little role-related, I think." He continued, "The Mandalorian is very daddy to baby Grogu, and Joel is very daddy to Ellie. These are daddy parts. That's what it is." When Jeff Bridges asked Pedro if he had children, Pedro responded, "I'm not a daddy! And I'm not gonna be a daddy!!!"

'He's so innocent'

Fans of the actor naturally praised him for his sincere reaction on social media, with one remarking on how "innocent" the 48-year-old star is. "Oh my sweet baby angel, he's so innocent," said the user. One fan wrote, "Ahaaaa…yeah, we call you daddy cause you play fatherly roles…exactly…" Another user mentioned, "Well, guess we can add career daddy to the list now. Congrats, Pedro!" One user joked,"Pedro and Elizabeth not understanding why they’re being called “daddy” and “mother”, respectively, is my favorite genre of comedy." Another said, "He knows. Just know he knows. He’s just making it paternal but he definitely knows."

'Somebody tell him'

Some users found him really adorable with one writing, "Pedro is so adorable for this. He’s like an innocent child." Another fan wrote, "He’s true daddy." "he is and forever will be my daddy," mentioned another. Numerous trolls also surfaced with user writing "Somebody tell him."

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