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Fans accuse Ariana Madix of exploiting scandal with Tom Sandoval as she unveils Lip Lab promo clip: 'She just wants money'

2023-07-21 10:59
Ariana Madix posted a promotional clip for Lip Lab and also partnered with them to launch four unique lipstick shades
Fans accuse Ariana Madix of exploiting scandal with Tom Sandoval as she unveils Lip Lab promo clip: 'She just wants money'

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Ariana Madix has been making headlines lately, especially concerning her tumultuous relationship with the infamous Tom Sandoval. The drama unfolded throughout season 10, and tensions reached their peak during the three-part reunion. Ariana and Sandoval have now announced their decision to split after the latter reportedly cheated on her with Raquel Leviss.

In a recent Instagram post, Madix shared a promotional clip for the brand Lip Lab. However, some fans were quick to criticize her, claiming she was being self-centered and still relying on her association with Sandoval to gain attention and popularity.

Ariana Madix drops Lip Lab promotional clip

Madix took to Instagram to share her exciting new ad for Lip Lab, a special brand that creates custom lip shades. They mix pigments and colors to match a person's skin tone and preferences, resulting in the perfect shade for them. In her video, Madix talks about her struggle to find the ideal lip color, and she shares her experience creating her very own lip shade at Lip Lab.

But that's not all - Madix had more surprises in store. She also revealed that she's partnering with Lip Lab to launch four unique lipstick shades. The first is called Born Cool, a cool-toned mauve, which is Ariana's go-to lip color for maintaining a cool and composed vibe. Next up is Charlotte, a cool-toned nude pink inspired by her beloved doggie, Charlotte York, and her fluffy, pink tail. Then there's Something About Her, a deep-wine red inspired by a romantic West Hollywood sandwich shop with the same name. Lastly, there's My Ride or Die, a daring blueish-purple black, representing Ariana's bold and fearless side. Despite her exciting venture, some fans accused her of trying to exploit her past scandal for personal gain.

'Sucking every penny out of the scandal'

Fans were not impressed with Madix taking financial advantage of the scandal with Tom. One said, "Ariana is getting them coins honey!" Another questioned, "At this point is there anything she won’t plug?" One simply said, "Overload." Another gave their opinion on the scandal, declaring, "ARIANNA IS NOT A VICTIM SHE GOT TOM BY CHEATING AND LOST HIM BY CHEATING." Another speculated, "I swear to God someone is publicly image bashing Ariana and she needs to stop that immediately or have someone help her: I doubt Tom is that nasty, but someone is making her do too many sponsorships as though she just wants money." Another person sarcastically claimed, "Just wait a minute y’all, what comes around goes around, you know what I mean." One person also stated, "Sucking every penny out of the Scandal," while another replied to the comment in support, saying, "As she should."

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