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Ex-Fox News host Megyn Kelly slams CNN's focus on Donald Trump's weight and hair color in arrest coverage

2023-08-30 13:29
Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly criticized CNN for excessively focusing on Donald Trump's weight and hair color during his arrest coverage
Ex-Fox News host Megyn Kelly slams CNN's focus on Donald Trump's weight and hair color in arrest coverage

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: The former Fox News talk show host Megyn Kelly has slammed CNN for discussing former President Donald Trump’s weight during his arrest coverage on the channel.

The 52-year-old journalist on her podcast ‘The Megyn Kelly Show’ called out CNN for their brazen and ineffective coverage of Donald Trump’s arrest and mocked them for critiquing Trump unnecessarily.

Kelly wasn’t impressed with CNN’s approach towards covering Trump’s arrest and later stated that this is “not something we should spend our time on.”

Megyn Kelly calls out CNN for discussing Donald Trump’s weight and hair color

In one of her latest podcast episodes, Kelly was discussing Trump’s mugshot among many other topics which also included Republican candidate Vivek Ramaswamy’s tryst with the press.

When she maneuvered her conversation toward how the rest of the media was talking about the arrest of the former POTUS, CNN was primarily on her radar.

She enlightened her viewers about the fact that CNN stooped low to thrash Trump by discussing how he gave his incorrect weight to the Fulton County jail officials while he was being arrested.

Kelly mentioned, “CNN had a meltdown over the discrepancy in the weight because you can’t trust Trump on anything and he needs to be called out every lie.”

The former Fox News host earlier stated Trump’s details on the county jail’s register and then mocked CNN for arguing over his weight. “Hello! There’s not a person on earth who hasn’t lied about his weight.”

The 52-year-old then played a clip of CNN discussing Trump’s weight and other bodily measurements where the panelist can be heard talking about how Trump’s “lost 25 pounds since he was president.”

Later in the clip, the CNN hosts asked themselves about Trump’s “blonde and strawberry hair” which were described in his arrest documents.

Kelly then returned to her podcast after showing the clip and held her head in utter disbelief.

She sarcastically remarked, ‘Ok!” and added, “This is not what we should be spending our time on.”

Fans agree with Megyn Kelly’s criticisms of CNN’s Donald Trump’s arrest coverage

Kelly was praised by her ardent followers for her brave and bold remarks, thrashing CNN for their absurd discussions about Trump’s weight and hair color during arrest coverage.

One wrote, “They are utterly absurd in their fixation,” criticising CNN while a second added, “Thank you Megan for showing us the people just how stupid they can be.”

A third said, “I'm really sick of their attacks on Trump,” while another said, “BAN CNN.”

A fifth mocked CNN and wrote, “That is world-class journalism ! Way to go cnn great work ! Keep it up !!” while another stated, “Another reason I would NOT watch CNN. Absolutely ridiculous. Who cares?!?!??”