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Does Madison Beer like McDonald’s? Here's what she orders at most loved fast food restaurant

2023-06-07 21:55
Inside Madison Beer's favorite order from McDonald's
Does Madison Beer like McDonald’s? Here's what she orders at most loved fast food restaurant

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: With such a toned figure, fan favorite singer and Internet sensation Madison Beer still seemingly eats what she loves! Beer, who debuted with the single 'Melodies' in 2013, recently opened up about what she orders from McDonald's, one of the most loved fast food franchises in the world.

Despite her preference for healthy, nutritious meals, she has never been strict about her diet because she enjoys fast food. Beer enjoys eating ice cream and pizzas. But not to overlook the fact that she remanins particular about her workout, Let's find out what does she order at Mcdonald's.

'McGriddle with a round egg'

Beer was recently on the 'Pretty Basic' podcast that features hosts Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz. During the segment, the hosts asked Beer what her favorite thing to order at McDonld’s was. During the conversation she candidly revealed about her favorite choices.

Beer’s all time go-to favorite McDonald’s order is a McGriddle with a round egg. In the podacast she says, “Sausage Egg McGriddle can change your f*cking life." We must have it if Beer says it's something you should try!

Madison Beer's diet

Beer has a fantastic breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon every morning. She serves her meal with a refreshing glass of fresh orange juice to give it a nutritious edge while also ensuring that she gets her recommended daily intake of vitamin C. Madison has a nice meal of pasta for lunch; while it's not a completely loaded farmhouse plate, she still occasionally treats herself to this dish high in carbohydrates. She also enjoys eating pasta with a large Taco Bowl, which satisfies her appetite with plenty of food.

Beer enjoys an ample dinner despite her slim stature. She virtually always eats fast food - noodles, burgers, and pizza but she also balances it out with her need for sweets. Also not to forget that she is strict about her cardio and strength training.

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