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Does Isiah 'Zay' Harayda regret coupling up with Destiny Zammarra? 'Love Island USA' star seeks to explore 'other options' in villa

2023-08-19 12:56
'Love Island USA' latest eliminations makes Isiah 'Zay' Harayda to reconsider his connection with Destiny Zammarra
Does Isiah 'Zay' Harayda regret coupling up with Destiny Zammarra? 'Love Island USA' star seeks to explore 'other options' in villa

PACIFIC HARBOUR, FIJI: 'Love Island USA' Season 5 has raised excitement among the viewers with unexpected twists and surprises. Six Islanders, Leonardo Dionicio, Mike Stark, Keenan Anunay, Hannah Ortega, Taylor Chemlka, and Allie Ryan get dumped in the dramatic new episode of the Peacock.

However, two Islanders Taylor Smith and Isiah 'Zay' Harayda will remain in the villa. However, standing alongside the least-voted islanders made Zay think twice about his current connection Destiny Zammarra.

Does Isiah 'Zay' Harayda regret coupling up with Destiny Zammarra?

Isiah 'Zay' Harayda and Destiny coupled up during the Casa Amor twist. Zay really liked Destiny when they first connected and felt they really had something good.

While Destiny and Zay were on cloud nine at the start of their relationship, the couple's connection soon started to fizzle out. Notably, Zay and Destiny also recently had a huge fight.

Additionally, Zay's feud put him in the danger zone as he got fewer votes. However, while standing on the verge of elimination Zay reconsidered his connection with Destiny and seemingly regretted being with her throughout his time on the Peacock show.

Isiah 'Zay' Harayda considers exploring other options in 'Love Island USA' villa

In the latest episode, Zay got another chance to stay in the villa and this time he decided to not stick to just Destiny. He shared his regrets with Destiny, "Even though our connection has been apparent since the very beginning I feel like one of my regrets would be if I would have left that I didn't explore other options."

Zay further explained, "I feel like If I would have went home I would have not left everything on the line because I haven't talked to anybody like everybody here has talked to other people and like have gone through ups and downs with other people."

Zay added, "I feel like I should be allowed to go talk to other people in here and get to that's what Love Island is." However, the viewers slammed Zay as he wanted to explore other connections in the villa.

A social media user Tweeted, "Zay are you serious? She literally asked you do you feel heard and you said yes.. next day you said you did not feel heard." Another user wrote, "Zay finally admitting he wants to try other people. Destiny babe, you gotta open up more and be a little bit more inviting to retain a relationship. Another one bites the dust girl. It’s you."

Another viewer added, "Destiny was clearly upset that some of her closest friends just left and instead of consoling her Zay chose at the moment to let her know he wants to explore new people."

Another person said, "People on love island are so weird. So you mean to tell me that Zay got mad at Destiny for still keeping things open with Mike and then goes around and gives his whole big love Island speech about how he should be open." Another critic noted, "So instead of comforting destiny who just lost all her people, zay wants to talk about exploring other connections. trash."

Who is 'Love Island USA' star Isiah 'Zay' Harayda?

Isiah 'Zay' Harayda is a Long Island, New York native and works as an Executive Sales Rep. He has also served as a member of the United States Air Force for four years, joining the military back in 2019.

Additionally, Zay was the SrA member of the 171st Air Refueling Wing in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. When he is not doing his duty, hiking or playing sports, he’s pursuing his other passion, buying way too much cologne.

Who is 'Love Island USA' star Destiny Zammarra?

Destiny Zammarra hails from Florissant. She works as a microbiologist and earned a degree in Bachelor of Science in Biology in December 2018.

Destiny pursued her Biological Science from Lindenwood University. Additionally, Destiny was signed to Ford Models in January 2022.

'Love Island USA' Season 5 new episodes premiere from Thursday to Tuesday, 9 pm ET on Peacock.