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Disney+’s ‘Crater’ Full Cast List: From Isaiah Russell-Bailey to Kid Cudi, here are the stars

2023-05-11 13:26
A sci-fi and a coming-of-age movie rolled into one, Disney+'s 'Crater' happens entirely in the outer space
Disney+’s ‘Crater’ Full Cast List: From Isaiah Russell-Bailey to Kid Cudi, here are the stars

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: The upcoming sci-fi and coming-of-age film 'Crater' from Disney+ is a story about an infant who is raised in a lunar mining colony and is to be moved to an idyllic faraway planet after his father dies. But, before leaving, he and his three best friends, Dylan, Borney, and Marcus, as well as a new arrival from Earth, Addison, hijack a rover for a final adventure on a journey to explore an undiscovered crater.

The live-action film is directed by Kyle Patrick Alvarez, who earlier directed episodes of Amazon's 'Homecoming' and Netflix's '13 Reasons Why'. It is based on a script written by John Griffin. Shawn Levy, Dan Levine, and Dan Cohen produce the sci-fi film under their 21 Laps Entertainment banner. Emily Morris, John G Scotti, Rpin Suwannath, Gordon Gray, Paris Latsis, and Terry Douglas serve as executive producers.


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Who stars in ‘Crater’?

Kid Cudi as Mr O’Conell (Caleb’s father)

Scott Mescudi, also known as Kid Cudi, plays Caleb's father. He explains the significance of road trips to his son, Isaiah Russell-Bailey, who will later embark on an adventure of a lifetime before being relocated to a serene faraway planet. Mescudi was most recently seen in his own animated Netflix TV special, 'Entergalactic', where he voiced the character Jabari. Kid Cudi will also appear in the upcoming miniseries 'Knuckles', as Dennis Vassel in 'Silent Night', and as Clay in 'Troll Band Together'.

Isaiah Russell-Bailey as Caleb Channing

Isaiah Russell-Bailey plays Caleb Channing in 'Crater'. Brought up in a lunar mining colony, Caleb is to be relocated permanently to an idyllic faraway planet after his father dies. Caleb embarks on a final adventure with his friends to discover a mysterious crater to fulfill his father's dying wish. Bailey is best known for playing Shaka in the Netflix series 'Family Reunion' and has starred in minor roles in several TV shows and movies, including Netflix's superhero movie 'We Can Be Heroes'. His on-screen debut was in the 2018 episode ‘Miasma’ of the television series ‘Criminal Minds’. One thing that sets Russell-Bailey apart from his fellow teen actors is his indulgence in stunt-making art.

McKenna Grace as Addison

McKenna Grace, actress, singer, and songwriter, stars in 'Crater' as Addison, a new arrival from Earth who joins Caleb and his friends Dylan, Borney, and Marcus on their exciting journey. Her initial roles included Jasmine Bernstein in the Disney XD sitcom 'Crash & Bernstein' and Faith Newman in the soap opera 'The Young and the Restless' when she was four years old. In Hulu's adaptation of Margaret Atwood's 'The Handmaid's Tale', Grace played Esther Keyes. She obtained a Primetime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series for the role she played in the fourth season, making her the first child nominated in the Guest category and the tenth youngest individual acting nominee across all categories.

Thomas Boyce as Marcus

Marcus, one of Caleb's friends, joins him on the quest to explore the mysterious crater. Thomas Boyce, who plays Marcus, made his debut in a local theater at the age of eight and naturally took to acting and entertaining. It wasn't very long before he got a chance to open for comedy legend Russell Peters, and his career progressed rapidly. He is excited about his work on 'Crater'.

Other actors who appear in the film include Kyle Patrick Alvarez, Billy Barratt, Orson Hong, and Carson Minniear.

When will ‘Crater' be released?

Filming for ‘Crater’ began in June 2021, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The film will release on May 12 on Disney+.