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'Did someone try to nuke Florida?' Fans stunned as 'GMA' meteorologist Ginger Zee shares snap of massive orange cloud formation

2023-09-25 17:58
'GMA' meteorologist Ginger Zee took to social media to share a breathtaking picture of a 'gorgeous cumulonimbus' captured in St Petersburg, Florida
'Did someone try to nuke Florida?' Fans stunned as 'GMA' meteorologist Ginger Zee shares snap of massive orange cloud formation

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: ‘Good Morning America’ meteorologist Ginger Zee recently shared a snap of a massive orange-colored cloud that engulfed the sky in St Petersburg, Florida.

The 42-year-old ‘GMA’ star, who is known for looking out for the next big adventure or climate story, captured the moment and later shared it on her Instagram.

Zee’s snap looks right out of a painting where a massive multi-level cloud known as cumulonimbus extended high into the sky.

No wonder fans were shocked to see her snap, with some comparing it to the aftermath of a bomb going off.

Ginger Zee’s orange cloud snap takes fans by surprise

Ginger Zee recently took to her Instagram to share a breathtaking picture from her climate-chasing expedition.

She shared a snap of massive multi-level clouds in St Petersburg’s sky emanating an orange color while giving the effect that a nuclear bomb had been detonated. The reflection of the orange hue can be seen in the water with a few boats circling.

Zee, who herself was in awe of what she saw, captioned the post, "Gorgeous cumulonimbus captured in St Petersburg, Florida."

Fans couldn’t believe their eyes and commented with their opinions on the spectacle. One asked, "Did someone try to nuke Florida and miss?"

Another stated, "Looks like a mushroom cloud from a bomb detonation lol! Glad it's not!"

A fan expressed, "Looks like the apocalypse," with one adding, "have never seen anything like this. Thank you for capturing and sharing."

Another noted, "Wow! Florida cloud formations are amazing. This is beautiful!"

Ginger Zee sported a unique outfit made out of trash

During her on-air interview with drag queen Pattie Gonia, Ginger Zee donned a white ruffled hoop skirt that looked to be made of plastic bags and empty chip bags, possibly for climate advocacy.

Despite the drag queen praising Zee for pulling it off, a few fans were displeased with the 'GMA' star accepting Gonia’s interview for ‘Nightline’ and rebelled in the comments.

One wrote, "I think it's time to unfollow you and stop watching ABC," while another said, "And this is where you lose me as a fan Ginger."

"That’s a freak show. What does that got to do with the environment," stated a user, one more expressed, "Stop the wokeness."

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