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Did 'Love Island USA' producers use bisexual storyline as clickbait? 'Queer baiting' suspected as Kassy Castillo's refuses Johnnie Olivia's love

2023-08-23 12:56
In 'Love Island USA' Season 5 fans speculated that the show used a lesbian angle involving islanders Kassy Castillo and Johnnie Olivia for clickbait
Did 'Love Island USA' producers use bisexual storyline as clickbait? 'Queer baiting' suspected as Kassy Castillo's refuses Johnnie Olivia's love

PACIFIC HARBOUR, FIJI: Did 'Love Island USA' Season 5 use Kassy Castillo and Johnnie Olivia's lesbian angle as clickbait? Fans have been claiming it to be true since Kassy chose Leonardo Dionicio, not Johnnie.

Johnnie came out in the show as bisexual. And, Kassy was seen accepting the fact that she was attracted to Johnnie. This made fans believe that it be a chance to see the first lesbian couple in 'Love Island USA' Season 5.

Did the producers only bring the lesbian storyline for the sake of ratings? Fans slammed the show for using queer angle as the clickbait after Kassy ended up pairing with Leo in the final recoupling round.

Why did 'Love Island USA' islander Kassy Castillo refuse to pair with Johnnie Olivia?

After pairing with Leo in the final recoupling, Kassy felt the need to make things clear with Johnnie. She went to have a face-to-face talk with the islander.

Kassy asked Johnnie, "So, how do you feel?" Johnnie replied, "When you did choose Leo, like, I feel like obviously my feelings are a little bit hurt."

Johnnie added, "But, i felt like that was who you're supposed to be with." Johnnie claimed that she said from the beginning that Kassy and Leo were like "magnetic." She said, "You guys just come back to each other."

Kassy believed she was a "newbie" to the whole lesbian pairing situation, therefore, she did not want to spoil the connection she already had with a man in the house. Therefore, the star chose the safe side and went on to pair up with Leo.

Indeed, despite being hurt by the fact that Kassy did not choose her, Johnnie was ok with her moving on with Leo.

'Love Island USA' star Kassy Castillo reveals pursuing a woman for 'first time'

Kassy thanked Johnnie for giving her time and understanding her feelings. She then recalled confessing her feelings for Johnnie, claiming, "I was so nervous."

Kassy confessed, "That was the first time I ever put my self out there pursuing a woman." She called the experience to be "exciting and new."

Kassy added, "I couldn't deny the feelings I was having. I am a newbie to it all."

Seeing Kassy and Johnnie's lesbian angle not flourish, a fan tweeted, "They'll do queer girls but not queer guys." A fan called out the show, "So she clearly picks Leo if he’s still there.. the queer baiting is crazy."

Another disappointed fan wrote, "I was hoping for gay love but it does look like Kassy and Leo are getting back together please just make a queer love island and stop playing with my feelings I will watch it in literally any country."

Who is 'Love Island USA' Season 5's star Kassy Castillo?

Kassy Castillo is a real estate student who hails from Zachary, Louisiana. Kassy was born on January 6, 2001, and loves to party.

She calls herself a 'city girl' and often posts travel diaries on her social media. Notably, Kassy is a self-proclaimed “sex therapist” and shared that her friends open up to her about their sex life.

'Love Island USA' Season 5 new episodes release on Thursdays through Tuesdays at 9 pm ET on Peacock.