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Did Ben Affleck undergo plastic surgery? Heeding Jennifer Lopez's advice left actor 'stiff-faced and swollen', source claims

2023-07-04 19:17
'The truth is he hated how old and tired he started to look,' a source said about Ben Affleck being unhappy with his looks
Did Ben Affleck undergo plastic surgery? Heeding Jennifer Lopez's advice left actor 'stiff-faced and swollen', source claims

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's striking relationship has always been the talk of the town since the duo got back together in 2021. They have lately been making headlines for the plans to renew their wedding vows as well as the noticeable stress on Affleck's face when caught on camera with Lopez.

Apparently, the comments about his appearance have affected him, as insiders revealed that Affleck has followed in his wife's footsteps by undergoing plastic surgery to enhance his looks. One significant change fans have noticed is his improved physique. Lopez even posted a photo last month showcasing her husband's attractive body as part of her Father's Day tribute, emphasizing her positive influence on his life. Moreover, she encouraged him to try Botox on his face, according to some sources, but it seems he may have gone too far as some noticed her husband looking a bit stiff.

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'He looks so stiff-faced and swollen'

Reports suggest that Affleck received multiple Botox injections, targeting his forehead, the area between his eyebrows, his crow's feet, and the lower part of his face near his mouth to give it a subtle lift. "The truth is he hated how old and tired he started to look," said an informer. Photos of Affleck appearing stressed and fatigued while trying to relax have gone viral, becoming popular memes online.

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The intention behind these procedures was to boost the actor's confidence by making him look younger, but some sources claim that they have had the opposite effect. Affleck is reportedly stressed because the Botox injections have left him looking unfamiliar and unnatural. "It's got to be killing him that he looks so stiff-faced and swollen," claimed one such source.

'They both want to renew their vows'

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Fans are well aware of Lopez's obsession with maintaining her appearance, and it appears that she expects the same from her partner. Insiders suggest that the mother of two might have played a role in influencing Affleck's decision to go under the knife. "She's very conscious of her image and always pushing him to present himself well-groomed. Since they got back together, Jennifer has been trying to help Ben improve his appearance," said a source.

Moreover, to celebrate their first anniversary, Affleck and Lopez plan to renew their vows this summer, and it's obvious that the singer-actress would want things to look perfect. Sources close to the celebrity couple reveal that they are preparing for a grand celebration in their $60 million mansion, scheduled for late July or early August. Last year, the couple eloped to Las Vegas before having a small wedding ceremony with family and friends. A source said, "They both want to renew their vows and demonstrate their deep love for each other. They are fully appreciating this second chance," to Daily Mail.

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