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Dame Joan Collins will play Wallis Simpson in biopic

2023-07-10 18:20
Dame Joan Collins has revealed she is hoping to play the late Wallis Simpson in a new biopic about the last 15 years old her life.
Dame Joan Collins will play Wallis Simpson in biopic

Dame Joan Collins is set to play Wallis Simpson in a new biopic.

The 90-year-old actress revealed she is hoping to play the late Duchess of Windsor - who died in 1986 aged 89 - in 'In Bed with the Duchess', which will cover the last 15 years of the American divorcee's life.

Joan said of Wallis - whose marriage to King Edward VIII caused him to abdicate - in an interview with The Sunday Times magazine: "I’ve read so much about her. She was feisty and she was peppy. She was extremely well dressed. She was great company.

"She was never a b****, but people think of her as the worst woman who ever lived. I’ve been so fascinated by that because it just goes to show how you can be tainted by everybody’s opinion, even when it is wrong. In fact, she begged the Prince of Wales not to marry her.”

The former 'Dynasty' star also revealed there are plans underway for a biopic which would examine the mistreatment she and her late sister, author Jackie Collins, received in their early careers.

When it was suggested both women had been treated terribly, Joan replied: “It’s very interesting that you would say that because I think that you’re right. In fact, there’s a potential film being made about Jackie and me in which they are going to stress the fact that these two women, who were somewhat ahead of their time in terms of female empowerment, were not treated very well.”

According to the outlet, there are no actresses yet attached to play Joan or Jackie, who died of breast cancer in 2015.