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'Cheap and ugly': 'Mama June' star Pumpkin slammed for being mean to customers on TikTok live sale

2023-05-14 12:58
'Mama June: Family Crisis' star Pumpkin laughs at a customer for not having money in bank during her TikTok Live sale
'Cheap and ugly': 'Mama June' star Pumpkin slammed for being mean to customers on TikTok live sale

GORDON, GEORGIA: 'Mama June: Family Crisis' star Pumpkin is often seen doing TikTok LIve sessions with her sisters. And, these live sessions sometimes make the star land in jeopardy. The same seems to have happened this time. As Pumpkin recently did a Live session on TikTok she trolled one of her fans for being broke.

Seeing Pumpkin slam her fan for not having money made internet users call her out for showing attitude. People trashed the reality star for making a living by selling stuff with the help of people on social media and at the same time making fun of those people. 'Mama June' followers made Pumpkin realize that she was once not able able to afford $10 gas and now comes the time when she is making fun of those who can not afford it.


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Pumpkin makes a joke about a customer during her Live sale

Pumpkin did a live sale on TikTok on Saturday. The reality star was seen selling her things as she showed it off to her fans in the Live session. She took out a $5 worth sunflower bracelet. Pumpkin said, "Ok, I have, these are $5, I do have more glasses." As she explained about her products, some of the customers started flooding the comment section claiming that they are not able to pay through the cash app. She then turned towards the woman standing behind the camera. Laughing after reading one of the internet user's comments, Pumpkins said to the woman standing behind the camera, "Somebody said it's not the cash app it's the bank." She then laughed as her friend asked, "What do you mean?" Pumpkin explained while trashing her customer, "Like they're talking about, like it's not cash app, it's their bank, they gonna have no money in there." She and her friend then laughed at this situation. Well, this comment of Pumpkin came off as if she was making fun of her customer.

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'Complete White trash'

An internet user took the clip of Pumpkin's Live session to a Reddit thread. The user captioned, "Imagine wanting to buy some of pumpkins junk on her tiktok lives only to find out your cashapp isn't working so you ask her nicely to put your stuff back and she proceeds to call you broke even though not too long ago she was on tiktok asking for money 💀 her attitude towards customers is CRINGE." To this, another replied, "Why do they try talk like there from the hood when knowing damn well there White trashy people for how they treat others trying buy there junk that can get way cheaper on tumu." Another remembered, "But couldn’t afford $10 of gas just last week on the episode." A user called out Pumpkin, "I really am amazed how they don’t seem to realize how showing two different realities to us (the show and tik tok) really makes us question them. They just act like nothing is being shown when on tik tok."

Another angry user trashed the star, "F**k her!!!! Her shit is cheap and ugly. It wasn’t the bank it was god saving you from wasting your money on junk. Now that’s money you still have to buy something worth the money!!!! I want her to watch her sell and tell her I can and anyone can make better shit then she’s selling. There real ppl charities that ppl could donate give to that would really be grateful and ppl give this lump of shit money!! Make it make sense!!!!" Another labeled her, "Trash - pure trash!" Another made comment on her laughing, "She sounds dumb. Some banks stop cash app transactions because they think it’s a scam." "Complete White trash. I’m sorry you experienced that," commented a user.

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